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TrustRank:How Quality Backlinks with High TrustRank Can Raise Your Site's Rankings?

Quality backlink is one of the most important ranking signal for Google. The post Penguin backlink strategy involves relying solely on quality backlinks. A single quality backlink can outweigh several hundreds low quality backlinks. Hence, a proper link building strategy should be focussed on obtaining quality backlinks to your website by spending a lot of time on research. A good backlink must have a high domain authority, loyal followers, low alexa rank, high traffic, quality content, awesome social shares among the important signals. Sites that are already ranking on top 100 for your targeted keywords are the best sites to approach for getting a backlink. These sites already have a lot of trust with Google (as they are already ranking high) and they could help your site get a pie of the trust share they enjoy to raise your organic ranking. This TrustRank factor works as a strong signal for Google for the ranking of web pages.

Concept of Trust Rank (Image Credit:- Seomoz)

What is TrustRank?

What's Included in the Calculation of Trust Rank?

The following metrics are evaluated while calculating the TrustRank of a website:-
  • The age of the domain (Probably the age of the site)
  • Quality of the content
  • Quality of the backlinks (Ex- .edu or .gov sites)
  • Social signals
  • Trust of the user on the site
  • Freshness of content
  • Traffic to the site etc.

What is Trust in The Eyes of Google?

How to Check a Site's TrustRank?

There are a few tools through which you can check the TrustRank of your site. One useful TrustRank checker is specified below:-

Seo Mastering TrustRank Checker Tool

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