Friday, January 25, 2013

Yandex Launches Wonder - Voice Powered Social Recommendation App

Yandex, the popular Russian search engine giant has launched a new powerful app that extracts data from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter. This iphone app is called "WONDER" and it allows you to ask questions using the information posted by your friends on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram.

Wonder by Yandex Labs from Yandex Labs on Vimeo.

Wonder is currently an experiment and is available only to the residents of US. It uses natural language understanding and social data collector for extracting information related to places, music and news.Here are some sample questions which you can ask with the help of Wonder app:-

1- What Chinese Restaurants do my friends go in New Jersey?
2- What music does David listen to?
3- Any one ready to dine in New York?
4- Where is Sarah playing?
5- Current news shared by my friends? etc.

wonder with itunes
Reading an artists bio from iTunes

Find more reference here:- Yandex Wonder

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