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Geotargeting Vanity Domains

Setting up a geographic target for a vanity domain like .me, .io, .it etc. is confusing and this is the reason Matt Cutts has refrained from passing on a potential solution to the problem. Nowadays domains are being used for many purposes rather than directly being used for specific purpose based on the generic domains.

Here is a video by Google distinguished engineer, Matt Cutts which discusses the issue of setting geographic target in Google Webmasters Tools for vanity domains like

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PageRank Dissipation is Roughly the same between 301 Redirects and Normal Links

Google has made its stand clear on PageRank dissipation between 301 redirects and normal links. Matt Cutts in a video said that PageRank dissipation is roughly the same between 301 redirects and normal links and as such no percentage of PageRank gets lots by using 301 redirects.The video given below is rather confusing but the essence is - you may use any of the linking techniques without focusing on how much PageRank would be lost?

Here is what Matt says:- The amount of PageRank that dissipates through a 301 is currently identical to the amount of PageRank that dissipates through the link. It means use whatever is best for your purposes because you cannot serve any more PageRank if you use a normal link and likewise it does not hurt if you use a 301.

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Google Reminds of Taking Action Against Sites that Sell PageRank

Matt Cutts recently posted a reminder on Google Webmasters blog against websites that are adopting to practice of selling links that pass PageRank. Matt issued  strict warning to the webmasters who engage in the practice of buying and selling links that their site might lose rankings, lose trust and in extreme cases deindexation of sites may also happen.

How to Remain Safe?
You are the webmaster of your site, it is your responsibility to follow the guidelines of Google and never indulge in spammy activities of buying and selling links. Selling links might give you temporary profits but in the long run its going to adversely affect your website.

Have you received a message of unnatural links in your webmasters account?
If you have recently received a message of unnatural links pointing to other websites with the sole intention of passing PageRank then be cautious and take instant action. Make sure to make all the links to "no follow" and sent a reconsideration request to Googl…

Geotargeting:How to Set a Geographic Target for your Website

Is your business located on a specific location in order to target the customers of a particular area? If the answer is yes and its not required for your business to target customers globally then setting up a geographic target for your website would be the best option available for you.

What is Geotargeting?
Geotargeting simply means, targeting your website on a specific location. This can be any country of the world where your business might be located. Geotargeting helps Google to present more accurate and more specific results from the same location itself where the user has set up a preference.

How to Set up a Geographic Target for your Website?
Setting up a geographic target is easy and hardly takes time. Follow the steps given below in order to localize     your business for a particular region:-

1- Log in to your webmasters tools.
2- Click on the site where you want to apply the settings.
3- Under the configuration tab, click on settings.
4- Tick the check box "Target user…

How to Make the Full Use of Google Authorship Profile

Google Authorship allows you to get recognized as an author of web content by Google. It is a way for Google to stop spam pages from appearing in the search results as people would commit less spam when their name gets attached with the content. It would also allow to find more genuine webpages from industry niche people. This is a great way to prevent less spam and list more relevant web pages.

What is Google Authorship?
Google Authorship allows you to link your Google Plus profile to the content your create. The content you write or create gets displayed on the search results with your picture which is fetched from your Google + profile.

How to Verify Google Authorship?
To verify your authorship to the content your create, follow the steps given below:-

1- Create your Google+ profile. (Visit - Google+)
2- Visit and click on the verification link.

Have a look at this video for having a good understanding of how to implement authorship on web pages.

SEO and Go…

Google to Roll Out "Change History" Feature in Analytics

Google will update Analytics by rolling out "Change History" feature in the coming weeks. The change history feature will present a summary of changes that happens into your account over the last 180 days.

What's Included in Change History?
Changes made to users
Changes made to accounts
Changes made to profiles, filters and goals
Changes made to properties

This feature is available only to site administrators. The change history presents information in three different columns:-

Date - It displays the date and time of the activity.
Email - It displays the email of the user who has done the change.
Activity - It displays the actual change (task) that was performed.

How to Reach Change History?
1- Log into Analytics account.
2- Navigate to Admin tab.
3- Click link for the account.
4- Click on change history tab.

Read More:- Understand Updates to your Account with Change History

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Yahoo Launches New Home Page for a Modern Mobile Optimized Experience

Yahoo unveiled its new modern look for a better and faster user experience. Yahoo has introduced new designed applications like local weather forecast and birthday reminder of your Facebook's friends right into the Yahoo homepage.This new design is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

What's NEW?

1- Top Trending news are displayed on the right hand side of the homepage.
2- Larger fonts and larger centre display images are used.
3- Local Weather Forecast is shown on the lower right hand side column.
4- Finance updates and sports scores are displayed right below the weather forecast.
5- Images from Flickr and top videos are also displayed.

(Source of the news and images :- Yahoo Blog)

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Search Queries in Webmasters Tools

If you are still confused regarding the terms commonly used in relation to search queries in Google Webmasters Tools then the video shared below will definitely help you out.

What you will learn?
Concept of Crawling and Indexing
Impression and Clickthrough Rate
Search Query Filters
Sorting by CTR
Average Query Position and much more.

This video tutorial is helpful for newbie search engine optimizers and webmasters who wish to learn and understand the concepts related to Google Webmasters Tools.

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Google Glass - Your Intelligent Partner that Follows Your Commands

Google has released a video showcasing the features of its much awaited product- Google Glass. You can take pictures, record videos, send a message, translate your voice etc. all hands free.

What Can You Do With Google Glass?
You can do some amazing things with Google Glass through the help of voice commands :-

Say "Take a Picture" to take a pictureRecord what you see hands freeShare the things you seeGet DirectionsSend a messageAsk a questionTranslate your voice

Have a look at this video to find out more:-

How to Get One?
If you are tempted to get yourself a piece of glass then read through the instructions given below:-

Read more here:-Google Glass
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How to Find Out the Total No. of Pages Blocked by Robots.txt?

Why Brand Matters in SEO?

Wiser people have always said, plan your strategy for long term and promote your brand accordingly. A brand owns trust and reputation and these are the things which the search engines value the most. Search engine optimization now revolves around brand building. You must ask these questions to yourself before you start promoting your site on the search engines:-

1- Am I building my brand and enhancing its reputation on Google?
2- Am I building backlinks using branded keywords?
3- Are people searching with my brand name?
4- Do I have our brand presence on popular social media channels?
5- Is my site valuable enough to own a Wikipedia page related to our brand?
6- Do people trust my website while making online purchases?
7- Do people trust the information contained in my site?
8- How many people share the site's content on social media channels?
9- Do I have citations involving my brand name?
10- Is my brand popular locally or internationally?

Have a look at this awesome infographic mentioning…

Secret to Link Building:Never Rely on a Single Strategy

Many webmasters feel that there are some untold secrets to link building but the biggest secret that no one follows is to never follow on a single strategy. If you are following up a single and most used strategy for link building at any point while promoting a website then you are making the biggest mistake. Google is really smart in tracing every little bits of link building strategy adopted by webmasters in order to influence the search engine rankings. You simply cannot win the race this way. Its required that you do not leave any footprints for Google to trace your link building strategy. This is the secret to link building. Now, the question would be asked - "Shall we leave link building?" The answer is NO! You must concentrate smartly on your link building efforts and must apply each and every strategy like getting links from directories, social bookmarking, guest posting, forum posting, getting local backlinks, QA postings sponsorships etc. The only thing you must k…

Google Planning to Give Competition to Facebook's Graph Search?

Google is planning to give a competition to Facebook's Graph Search and has been granted a patent to present the user with a searchable history of real world user experiences. You can assume this to be your custom search engine where you can collect information using devices such as a mobile computing device or Google Glass (More uses are expected in future) and this information gets stored in a server computing system. The server then returns information from the real world history collected by the user in response to the user query. Some of the example queries may be:-

1- Which was the recent adventure park I visited?
2- How many pictures did I take on my Swiss trip? etc.

Here is an abstract of the document:-

"A method and apparatus for enabling a searchable history of real-world user experiences is described. The method may include capturing media data by a mobile computing device. The method may also include transmitting the captured media data to a server computer system…

Types of Messages Sent by the Google Webspam Team

Google occasionally sends spam issue related messages via Google Webmasters Tools to the site owners in order to notify them of priority issues and expecting them to take action on it. These messages can be of various varieties like link spamming (unnatural backlinks), hacking or malware related messages etc. Google Webspam team head, Matt Cutts has shared a video explaining the types of messages sent by the Webspam team. As per him, the percentage of the variety of messages are shared below:-

19% messages are for Blackhat or spam. Examples include doorway pages, cloaking, keyword stuffing etc.
4% messages are for content that adds little to no value to the readers.
3% messages are related to hacking/malware.
2% messages are related to link buying.
1% messages are related to link selling.

This is just a rough idea of the percentage of messages Google sends out to webmasters through the Webmasters Tools.

Have a look at the video below:-

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Google Working on Providing Examples of Unnatural Backlinks to the Webmaster

Google is planning to send exact samples of unnatural backlinks pointing to any website on the unnatural backlink message itself which is being sent by Google to the webmaster of the site on which Google has discovered unnatural backlinks. Bad backlinks can negatively impact the website's positioning on the search engines and hence removal of these becomes important.

Matt Cutts released a video explaining that a team of Google is busy planning something like this and soon the webmasters would be be able to track the exact backlinks that are harming the reputation of the website. This can be taken as a good move by Google as the launch of the Disavow tool was rather incomplete without actually knowing which links are harming the site's reputation. Now, the complete bad link removal package would be ready with the sample unnatural backlinks and the disavow tool.

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How to Remove Url's from Google Index with Google Url Removal Tool

Many times it happens that you want to remove certain urls of your website from the Google index. How is that made possible? It is true that Google crawls and indexes the new and updated information on the world wide web and updates its index frequently. In most cases, the removed url of your site is removed from the Google index automatically as soon as the web crawler revists your site.However, when there is an urgency to remove specific url's from the Google index then you may use the Google Url removal tool.

Steps for removing Url from Google Index
1- Sign in to Webmaster tools with your Google webmaster account.

2- Visit the url:-

3- Enter the Url you would like to remove.

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SEO for NEWS Sites

News sites serve a different purpose when compared to the commercial or other business sites. Doing Seo for a news site is no different, however it is better to keep updating the same story page rather than developing a new page altogether. This would help in better accumulation of Page Rank and Page Authority and would help that news page to rise up the rankings on the search engines.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts, sharing some special tips for NEWS sites:-

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Google Tag Manager- Combine All Your Tags into One!

Would't it be easy if you are able to manage all the tags in your site with just a single piece of coding? This magic is made possible by way of Google Tag Manager which allows the webmaster to manage all the pieces of individual tags into a single container.

What is Google Tag Manager?
Google Tag manager makes tagging a breeze and allows for the efficient collection of data without the need to include too many tags on your site. It works with the help of tag firing rules that calculates which tag needs to be fired at which time based on a predefined set of rules.The best part is, its absolutely FREE!

How to Use Google Tag Manager?
Step 1

Login with your existing Google account into Tag Manager

Step 2

Enter the account name. In most cases, it's your company name.

Step 3

Create a container for your domain name. A container is the place which holds all the individual tags of your website.

Step 4

Get the container snippet code generated automatically by Tag Manager and paste in on you…

5 Points Every SEO Must Follow to Increase their Site's Rankings in Google

For the last several weeks,some major changes happened on Google. Let us review those in a detailed manner and discuss about 5 essential points which every SEO must follow in order to make their webpages more relevant and increase their site's rankings on Google.

Anchor Text Fading Away- Content Gains Priority!
On the winning side, the Panda update 24 gave more weightage on content and gave way for the old school content management and seo copywriting strategies to come into play once again. The latest Google search results are filled with sites that are having keyword related content (most weightage), having high DA(Domain Authority), having brand name anchor textbacklinks,having LSI optimized content, having LSI optimized anchor text (in some cases), having keyword rich domain (not for new sites but sites that have already established DA) etc. In a majority of cases, many results from the same domain are still ruling the search results. This gives us an idea that DA alongwith th…

Google will Continue to Support Toolbar PageRank

Google has recently uploaded a video featuring Matt Cutts supporting the view of having the Toolbar PageRank updated for a few more years until internet explorer 10 becomes so popular that fewer people feel the need to add Google Toolbar on their browser. He says, many people are still replying on Google Toolbar to judge the importance of the page apart from only spammers. Hence, Google will continue to update the Toolbar PageRank until the percentage of people using the metric becomes fewer. This is a future possibility as internet explorer 10 provides a add on free experience, thus eliminating the need to install the toolbar. Also Google Chrome does not displays the Toolbar PageRank. Strange explanation but here is what Matt says:-

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Google Adwords Bidding:Video Tutorial

Google Adwords is the advertising wing of Google used by advertisers all over the world. This video tutorial would explain the basics of Adwords bidding in an easy way.

Goal of an Ad
Every advertisement has a goal and this goal is tracked by way of a successful conversion.

Cost Per Acquistion (CPA)
The business must find out the exact cost per acquisition which is calculated as follows:-

Selling Price - Cost Price = Revenue (Total profit per successful conversion)

Conversion Rate
The rate at which successful conversion happens. It is calculated as follows:-

Conversions/Clicks = Conversion Rate

Value of a Click
Ater you have determined the CPA and the Conversion rate, the next  step is to determine the value of a click. It helps you to analyze the maximum amount you are willing to spend on every click (CPC). If the value of a click comes out to be $10 then you must bid at a rate of less than or equal to $10 per click.

CPA * Conversion rate = Value of a Click

Incremental Cost Per Click (ICC)

Link Building in 2013 - Techniques and Resources

Search engine optimization relies on two important factors- relevancy of the content and backlinks. Creating quality backlinks is necessary to make Google realize the importance of your website. Link building uses several techniques but there are a few which works the best in 2013. This post discusses about the latest link building practices that would go a long way in making your website popular.

Infographics are the latest trend in link building where useful information is presented in the form of information graphic along with an embed code that contains a link to the website. This is a link bait method of acquiring back links to your website.

Read more:-Infographics - an easier way to get backlinks to your site

Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is another great way of building authority to your website. But remember, guest blogging should be done by an expert in your promoted niche and no dummy profiles would work in the long run. Google is smart enough to notice dummy prof…

Multi Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

Wouldn't it be really valuable for a business (site) owner to find out the exact path that leads to a successful sale. Multi Channel Funnels in Google Analytics does the same thing and assists the business owner in showing the traffic sources and the entire activity that leads to a defined goal conversion.

The figure below displays the channels of conversions which includes organic search, direct traffic, referral traffic, email marketing and traffic from social networks.

Anatomy of a Conversion Path The conversion path is divided into 3 interactions which are given as follows:-

First interaction- Happens when the visitor first finds a reference to your website. This is the first traffic source.

Assisted interactions- Can be a single or multiple interactions that comes in between the first interaction and the last interaction.

Last interaction- Happens just before the actual conversion.

Other Terms:-

Path Length- The total number of interactions which includes first interaction,assiste…