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5 Points Every SEO Must Follow to Increase their Site's Rankings in Google

For the last several weeks,some major changes happened on Google. Let us review those in a detailed manner and discuss about 5 essential points which every SEO must follow in order to make their webpages more relevant and increase their site's rankings on Google.

Anchor Text Fading Away- Content Gains Priority!

On the winning side, the Panda update 24 gave more weightage on content and gave way for the old school content management and seo copywriting strategies to come into play once again. The latest Google search results are filled with sites that are having keyword related content (most weightage), having high DA(Domain Authority), having brand name anchor text backlinks,having LSI optimized content, having LSI optimized anchor text (in some cases), having keyword rich domain (not for new sites but sites that have already established DA) etc. In a majority of cases, many results from the same domain are still ruling the search results. This gives us an idea that DA alongwith the presence of the keyword on the domain are the best bet in SEO today! 

On the losing side, we have sites that have created too many similar anchor text backlinks ( or are still continuing with this strategy), having less content with respect to LSI, having less brand name anchors, having little DA, lacking the presence of keywords in urls or the domain (leaving some exceptions) etc.

5 Points Every SEO Must Follow to Increase their Site's Rankings on Google

increase your search engine rankings
Increase your engine search rankings  (Image credit:- seo4q)
 1- Concentrate on content, content and content! This is the single most important factor ruling the search results. Have strong and unique content to the webpages, content that adds value to the users and answers his queries well. Include every point that you feel is necessary for the user. Choose LSI wisely and don't forget to make use of H1 and H2's. Include videos, images, star ratings (if your query is related to taking feedback from the end user), make the user spend more time on your site. Update the content and start making it more valuable (follow Wikipedia!).

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2- Have a blog on your site and add fresh and unique content on a daily basis (for the best results to happen).This would trigger the freshness algorithm of Google and would help in improving the crawl rate of the website. Do not add a few lines of content only to increase the freshness (This won't help much). Instead, share news related to your brand, include references and citations, local presence etc. The biggest advantage that this would have is that your site would have the possibility to be displayed on the search results for a variety of new keywords apart from those which you are targeting. Internal linking would also get increased.

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3- Work towards increasing the DA (Domain authority) of your site. Concentrate on getting strongest of backlinks in whichever way possible (except for ways banned by Google :)

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4- For E-commerce sites, work towards making your individual web pages more relevant. Add star ratings, user comment on all your products, write seo copywrited descriptions, have content which helps the user in finding every information for the keyword your site is ranking or for which you are targeting. Work towards increasing your site's TrustRank. Don't forget to have a mobile optimized site.

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5- Focus on your brand and do everything that helps to make your brand popular (take the help of social media sites). Increase citations or references, local backlinks, local sponsorships, media coverage etc. You will amazed to see the value of these little steps which you take to increase your web presence.

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Lastly, keep in mind the Google rules, follow the user and make him/her satisfied. Work towards decreasing the bounce rate of your site and increase your presence in social networks, especially Google Plus.

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