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Geotargeting:How to Set a Geographic Target for your Website

Is your business located on a specific location in order to target the customers of a particular area? If the answer is yes and its not required for your business to target customers globally then setting up a geographic target for your website would be the best option available for you.

What is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting simply means, targeting your website on a specific location. This can be any country of the world where your business might be located. Geotargeting helps Google to present more accurate and more specific results from the same location itself where the user has set up a preference.

Geotargeting (Image credit:- socialbrite)

How to Set up a Geographic Target for your Website?

Setting up a geographic target is easy and hardly takes time. Follow the steps given below in order to localize     your business for a particular region:-

1- Log in to your webmasters tools.
2- Click on the site where you want to apply the settings.
3- Under the configuration tab, click on settings.
4- Tick the check box "Target users in" under Geographic target and choose your preferred destination.

Wasn't that easy? But make sure you to read the guidelines mentioned below before you make any such changes.

Read these Guidelines before Setting up a Geographic Target

1- You must use this feature when you are sure that targeting customers in a specified location won't hurt your business. For example, if your restaurant is located in Ukraine, then people currently in Ukraine might be more interested in visiting the restaurant than people in Brazil.

2- If your site already has a country coded TLD (Top Level Domain) like .ca, .au, .jp, etc. then you don't need to use this feature.

3- This setting would only target the users after they have limited the scope of the search to a specific country. 

4- Do not apply geographic target on the basis of the content of the site. You must apply these settings on the basis of your business restrictions.

Lastly, have a look at this video to have a better understanding of geotargeting in Google.

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