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Google Planning to Give Competition to Facebook's Graph Search?

Sergey Brin with Google glasses
Google co founder Sergey Brin with Google Glasses(Image credit:- news.cnet)
Google is planning to give a competition to Facebook's Graph Search and has been granted a patent to present the user with a searchable history of real world user experiences. You can assume this to be your custom search engine where you can collect information using devices such as a mobile computing device or Google Glass (More uses are expected in future) and this information gets stored in a server computing system. The server then returns information from the real world history collected by the user in response to the user query. Some of the example queries may be:-

1- Which was the recent adventure park I visited?
2- How many pictures did I take on my Swiss trip? etc.

Here is an abstract of the document:-

"A method and apparatus for enabling a searchable history of real-world user experiences is described. The method may include capturing media data by a mobile computing device. The method may also include transmitting the captured media data to a server computer system, the server computer system to perform one or more recognition processes on the captured media data and add the captured media data to a history of real-world experiences of a user of the mobile computing device when the one or more recognition processes find a match. The method may also include transmitting a query of the user to the server computer system to initiate a search of the history or real-world experiences, and receiving results relevant to the query that include data indicative of the media data in the history of real-world experiences."

Full Patent information can be viewed here:- 


Inventors:Neven; Hartmut(Malibu, CA) ; Petrou; David(Brooklyn, NY) ; Smullyan; Jacob(Montclair, NJ) ; Adam; Hartwig(Marina del Rey, CA)
Serial No.:493423
Series Code:13
Filed:June 11, 2012

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