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Google Tag Manager- Combine All Your Tags into One!

Would't it be easy if you are able to manage all the tags in your site with just a single piece of coding? This magic is made possible by way of Google Tag Manager which allows the webmaster to manage all the pieces of individual tags into a single container.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag manager makes tagging a breeze and allows for the efficient collection of data without the need to include too many tags on your site. It works with the help of tag firing rules that calculates which tag needs to be fired at which time based on a predefined set of rules.The best part is, its absolutely FREE!

How to Use Google Tag Manager?

Step 1

Login with your existing Google account into Tag Manager

Step 2

Enter the account name. In most cases, it's your company name.

Step 3

Create a container for your domain name. A container is the place which holds all the individual tags of your website.

Step 4

Get the container snippet code generated automatically by Tag Manager and paste in on your site below the opening <body> tag.

Step 5

Start adding tags on the site container. You can add both Google and Non Google tags on your container. For example, if you want to use the Google Analytics tag on the site, then go to "add new tag" under the tags tab. Enter tag name as "Google Analytics", choose "Google Analytics" under the tag type drop down menu. Enter the web property id, add a rule for the tag (in this case it would be "all pages" as we need to track visitor data from all the pages of your site. Save and its done. You can add as many tags as you want.

For some more help regarding the proper implementation of Google Tag Manager on your website, watch the video given below:-

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