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Google to Roll Out "Change History" Feature in Analytics

Google will update Analytics by rolling out "Change History" feature in the coming weeks. The change history feature will present a summary of changes that happens into your account over the last 180 days.

What's Included in Change History?

Changes made to users
Changes made to accounts
Changes made to profiles, filters and goals
Changes made to properties

Google Analytics Change History (Source:- Google Blog)

This feature is available only to site administrators. The change history presents information in three different columns:-

Date - It displays the date and time of the activity.
Email - It displays the email of the user who has done the change.
Activity - It displays the actual change (task) that was performed.

How to Reach Change History?

1- Log into Analytics account.
2- Navigate to Admin tab.
3- Click link for the account.
4- Click on change history tab.

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