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How to Make the Full Use of Google Authorship Profile

Google Authorship allows you to get recognized as an author of web content by Google. It is a way for Google to stop spam pages from appearing in the search results as people would commit less spam when their name gets attached with the content. It would also allow to find more genuine webpages from industry niche people. This is a great way to prevent less spam and list more relevant web pages.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship allows you to link your Google Plus profile to the content your create. The content you write or create gets displayed on the search results with your picture which is fetched from your Google + profile.

How to Verify Google Authorship?

To verify your authorship to the content your create, follow the steps given below:-

1- Create your Google+ profile. (Visit - Google+)
2- Visit and click on the verification link.

Have a look at this video for having a good understanding of how to implement authorship on web pages.

SEO and Google Authorship

Authorship has a great relevance with Search Engine Optimization. Pages that are linked to genuine and popular author profiles are rated highly by Google and their visibility is enhanced. The more pages on the web that have you as an author of the content, the more value your profile has, the result being, your pages receive a better web visibility. Now, reputation of a webpage would be measured by two factors- the authority of the domain or the web page and the authority of the person who has created the content. Slowly and gradually this is the trend that is experienced by the users and more webpages are created nowadays along with a proper authorship attached to it.

Author Profile Displayed on the search results

Google's view of authorship:-

“The name of the writer can be used to influence the ranking of web search results by indicating the writer responsible for a particular content piece … Assuming that a given writer has a high reputational score, representing an established reputation for authoring valuable content, then additional content authored and signed by that writer will be promoted relative to unsigned content or content from less reputable writers in search results.” (Source:- Raventools)

The Author Rank

(Google Author Rank Image Credit:- Ecommnews)
Now, the question arises- how can we gain trust as an author so that my written content rises on top of the rankings? This metric is what is known as an "Author Rank". If your rank as an author is good, there are good chances that your content would rank higher than others under the same category. Following the guidelines given below would help you to gain more reputation as an author.

1- Create more content on the themes in which you want to rank higher.
2- Become a contributor on reputed and high authority websites.
3- Add link to every website you are an author from your Google + page.
4- Encourage social signals like Tweets, Likes and Plus Ones on the content written by you.
5- Provide quality articles under your name so that its helpful for the user. If the user comes searching for your article or spends more time on the articles written by you then there are chances that links to more content written by you would be shown by Google in the search results.

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Wow..amazing thank you very much my friend.
Wow..amazing thank you very much my friend.