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Link Building in 2013 - Techniques and Resources

Search engine optimization relies on two important factors- relevancy of the content and backlinks. Creating quality backlinks is necessary to make Google realize the importance of your website. Link building uses several techniques but there are a few which works the best in 2013. This post discusses about the latest link building practices that would go a long way in making your website popular.


Infographics are the latest trend in link building where useful information is presented in the form of information graphic along with an embed code that contains a link to the website. This is a link bait method of acquiring back links to your website.

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Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way of building authority to your website. But remember, guest blogging should be done by an expert in your promoted niche and no dummy profiles would work in the long run. Google is smart enough to notice dummy profiles created for guest blogging and would penalize those guest bloggers in the next update.

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Content Curation

Link Building Strategies for 2013 (Image credit:- seojus)
Article syndication has been taken over by content curation in 2013. Make use of the content curation sites and work for the community sharing useful resources and content from your website. If your shared content is really good and informative then people would link back to your site fetching you some backlinks. Content curation is an easy process and requires less time than article syndication as it makes use of exisitng articles rather than creating new articles.

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Expert Author Article Submission

You may still take value by article submission but in a different way. Do not use article directories created specifically for giving out backlinks. Instead, make use of expert author niche article directories that would promote you as an expert author giving out backlinks at the same time. Some popular sites are exploreb2b,ezine,evancarmicheal etc.

Google Plus Communities,Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media Sites

Make sure to make use of Google Plus in your link building campaign. Create and share useful stuff for your niche audience on your created Google Plus communities. This would help you in popularizing your content gaining plus ones and some backlinks as well.

Other sites to make use of includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Share useful stuff for your targeted audience and considering the number of people using these sites, you have every chance of increasing the chances of getting a backlink to your site.

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Limit your Social Bookmarking but Don't Ignore it

Social bookmarking has not finished. You must bookmark your links to top social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Delicious, Diigo etc.

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Not just Links, Increase Citations as well

Don't concentrate on creating just backlinks, increase citations as well. References mentioning the name of your brand from authoritativeness website would help Google analyse the importance of your site.

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Go Local

Building backlinks from local sources would make your site locally relevant and rank your site higher up with local keywords. Consider getting backlinks from local directories,local news sites, local organizations etc.

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John Smith said…
Great information Jaydeep. I am totally agree with your points but I would like to add one more point which can be very effective on 2013. I think video marketing is a another valuable method for increase targeted visitors.