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Multi Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

Wouldn't it be really valuable for a business (site) owner to find out the exact path that leads to a successful sale. Multi Channel Funnels in Google Analytics does the same thing and assists the business owner in showing the traffic sources and the entire activity that leads to a defined goal conversion.

The figure below displays the channels of conversions which includes organic search, direct traffic, referral traffic, email marketing and traffic from social networks.

Multi Channel Conversion Visualizer
Multi Channel Conversion Visualizer

Anatomy of a Conversion Path

The conversion path is divided into 3 interactions which are given as follows:-

First interaction- Happens when the visitor first finds a reference to your website. This is the first traffic source.

Assisted interactions- Can be a single or multiple interactions that comes in between the first interaction and the last interaction.

Last interaction- Happens just before the actual conversion.

conversion path

Other Terms:-

Path Length- The total number of interactions which includes first interaction,assisted interaction and last interaction.
Time Lag- Counts the total number of days for all the interactions to happen in order to have a successful conversion.

Here is a video that will help you understand the concept of Multi Channel Funnels in Google Analytics in a more detailed manner:-

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Albina N muro said…
Multi-Channel Funnels enable you to move beyond the last click -- see how your marketing channels work together to create sales and conversions. Analytics Training