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Secret to Link Building:Never Rely on a Single Strategy

Many webmasters feel that there are some untold secrets to link building but the biggest secret that no one follows is to never follow on a single strategy. If you are following up a single and most used strategy for link building at any point while promoting a website then you are making the biggest mistake. Google is really smart in tracing every little bits of link building strategy adopted by webmasters in order to influence the search engine rankings. You simply cannot win the race this way. Its required that you do not leave any footprints for Google to trace your link building strategy. This is the secret to link building. Now, the question would be asked - "Shall we leave link building?" The answer is NO! You must concentrate smartly on your link building efforts and must apply each and every strategy like getting links from directories, social bookmarking, guest posting, forum posting, getting local backlinks, QA postings sponsorships etc. The only thing you must keep in mind while building backlinks is never cross the limits of following one particular strategy. This approach is risk free and your site would not get penalized from any of the past or future Google updates.

The old rule applies and the the best way to get natural backlinks is building great content or offering awesome services which is liked and shared by everybody. Build links in a way that helps the user as well as your website. You should not use any spammy ways of link building as this would make your site lose its authority and trustrank.

Have a look at this video and get some more tips:-

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vipin verma said…
Keyword research is a must do process for every bloggers who are hoping to get top results in SERPs. Iam new to blogging and wanted to rank high in some keywords. Your articles on link builup and SEO are excellent. Can u tell me some ways to build quality links for my blog. <I've subscribed to your comments. Plz share ur view