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Google Makes Improvements in Real Time Reports

Google has improved the way real time reports are presented in Google Analytics. These improvements will help you to have a better insight into how many visitors are present on your site in real time using desktop,tablet or mobile. Data is broken down to per minute and per second allowing you to track even the minute details as to where the users are leaving out in order to take actions accordingly. Alongwith shortcuts to your real time segments, you can now compare the real time analytics data with the overall traffic data and see the improvements yourself.

4 Improvements in Google Analytics Real Time Reporting
Real Time Event Reporting
It allows you to see the top level events and gives you the power to filter particular event categories. To see this report, go to Standard Reports -> Real Time -> Events. Clicking on any particular event will show you all the Event Actions and Event Labels for that particular category.

Track the Devices Used by Visitors to Visit Your Site

Google Launches Opt Out Option to Remove Content Listed On Google's Properties

Google announced on their webmasters blog the launching of Opt Out Tool to allow the webmasters keep their site out of Google's web properties which includes Google Shopping, Google + Local, Google Flights, Google Hotels and Google Advisor.

How to Opt Out?

You can find this tool under Google Webmasters Tools here:-

The Opt Out Tool is availabel for domain level sites and not for subdomains. Google will take around 30 days before content actually disappears from appearing in any of the properties listed above.

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50+ SEO Tips to Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly

Seo tips listed here would make your website search engine friendly and allow you to capture even more organic search traffic than before. Many webmasters remain frustrated due to the ongoing changes happening  on the Google ranking algorithm. Blame it on Panda's or Penguin's but Google would continue to take the help of these animals in order to reduce the amount of web spam. So, how can you make your website Google friendly or in other words search engine friendly? The answers lies in implementing the top 50 seo tips mentioned ahead in this post. These proven seo tips would make your site more relevant and authoritative in the eyes of Big G.

50+ SEO Tips and Tricks to Capture Maximum Search Traffic (Implement these SEO Tips for Effective Search Engine Optimization- It's Proven and Effective! )
1- Choose Search Engine Friendly Url's

Url rewriting is an important aspect of search engine optimization. It becomes easier for the search engines as well as for the user to de…

What to do When You Loose Google Rankings Because Your Site is Down?

It is common  for the websites to go offline for some hours or some days together. But, during that period of time, all the hard work put behind achieving Google rankings fades away and your site loses its rankings on Google. So, what to do when you loose Google rankings because your site is down? The answer is get your site up and running as soon as possible, remove any errors that might be affecting your site and Google will put your site in the same position where it was.

Have a look at this video from Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam team explaining how to get your search rankings back after your site has been down.

Video Transcription :-

"Make sure you put your website back up, make sure that its got reliable uptime and make sure that all the pages that were there before are still there. So, there is a tension at Google where when a page goes away may be there is a 404, we don't know whether it has really gone away, or whether that page will be back. Sometimes there is …

Utilizing TF-IDF Score to Increase Google Rankings of Your Site- SEO RESEARCH SERIES PART 4

One of the basic factors which Google considers when ranking a web page is tf-idf score. This post will explain the basics of tf-idf score and how to utilize it effectively in order to increase your website’s Google rankings. 
Tf stands for "Term Frequency" and Idf stands for "Inverse Document Frequency". These two metrics are used for filtering entities for proper refinement of queries. This helps to return more relevant web documents with respect to the search query.
Term Frequency measures the number of times a specific word or a phrase appears in a document. The higher the count, the higher will be the term frequency.
How to Calculate TF Value?
TF Value = No. of times the common word appears in the document                    ---------------------------------------------------------                        Total No. of words present in the document
Example of Calculating TF Value
Suppose a web page is having the word "calligraphy" 5 times in a document consi…

Google Introduces 3 New Methods for Easier Management of Site Verifications

Google recently introduced three new features for easier management of website verifications. These new features would help in easier management of verified sites.

Feature 1

New Verification Details Link

This feature would allow you to see the methods used to verify an owner for your site. A verification link would be displayed under "manage site owners" that will show the verification details of the user and a link where the verification details can be found faster.

Feature 2

Verification Needs to be Removed Before Unverifying an Owner

If you want to unverify an owner then you need to remove the verification methods which were earlier used to verify the site.

Feature 3

Shorter CNAME Verification String to Support Large Number of DNS Providers

If you are verifying your site using CNAME verification then this method can now be easily implemented. Shorter CNAME can be used for those systems which limits the number of characters that can be used in DNS records.

Full information can b…

How Does Google Identify Which Links Are Paid?

There are two types of links which helps Google analyze the real worth of them and take steps to improve their search algorithm responsible for presenting the best search results with respect to the user query. These two types of links are - "Do Follow" (which are mostly natural links and passes full seo value) and "No Follow" (which are not natural in normal cases and do not pass any seo value). Do follow backlinks or in simpler terms normal web links helps Google to correctly identify which sources on the web are popular and relevant. This is one of the criteria of Google for accurately judging the popular sources on the web based on the number and quality of Do Follow links and ranks them accordingly. Because of the high value of Do Follow backlinks, some webmasters creep into the bad practice of selling links that pass seo value and this is when Google takes manual action or applies penalty against the site by decreasing the Page Rank of the site as well as its…

How to Track Facebook Likes in Google Analytics

Most of the websites nowadays have the Facebook like button installed on them. But, a few of the webmasters know how to capitalize the worth of the like button by carefully tracking which pages of your website are the most popular and generates the maximum of likes. In layman terms, you can track the number of Facebook likes from each of your individual pages in order to find out which pages on your site are the most popular and receives the maximum Facebook shares. This is referred as "Social Interaction Web Tracking".

You will need to utilize the Facebook's edge.create button and create a call back function.

Here is the code to do so:-


FB.Event.subscribe('edge.create',function(targetUrl){   _gaq.push(['_trackSocial','facebook','like', targetUrl]);});Required Script

You need to add the script given below just after the Facebook insights script:- 

  window.fbAsyncInit = function() {

Single Page Websites and Matt's Answer

What does Google think of single page websites? The seo implications of a single page website can go negative as a single page site finds it really harder to rank for several keyphrases and hence loses the base required for getting enough traffic. But, here is what Google's Web Spam team head, Matt Cutts says -

Video Transcription:-

There is a trend, you know, you see the conference page or the start up where you just keep on scrolling forever and they have a whole lot of content and sometimes they do call dynamic stuff. So Google has got better in handling JavaScript..and a lot of the times if you are doing strange or unusual JavaScript interaction or penning some part of the page or something like that or having things fold in or fold out , we are pretty good at being able to process that. In general, I would wanna test first and would't bet your seo legacy on this one single page working well if the JavaScript and the CSS is really obscure or may be you forgot to block that …

How to Tackle the Rolling Panda Updates?

With Google recently announcing the integration of Panda update into their search algorithm, the roll out would come out more often making it a continuous updated algorithm but less noticeable. The webmasters must be in a fuzz as to how to tackle the future Panda updates which would come out more often.

Coming to the other side of the story, can we think it as a positive approach towards improving the overall search behaviour? What if a Panda actually helps your website to gain rankings as opposed to the fear of losing rankings. This post would give you an idea as to how can you tackle the rolling Panda updates to positively affect your search engine rankings.

Pandas roam on the World Wide Web looking for websites having scraped content, duplicate content, less user friendly content, one sided article that does not covers all the points clearly and devalue them by decreasing their search engine rankings.

The first and the foremost thing you must do is to scrape out all the duplicate …

Panda Update Rolling and Will Continue to Roll

Many webmasters have witnessed a slight change in their rankings and its believed that a Panda update is rolling, but this time, Google has made it clear that Panda update like this will continue to roll on a constant basis making it less visible in the search results.

It's still unclear that we can name it a Panda Update 25 or not? Panda update is becoming more integrated into the Google's algorithm and hence it would be less noticeable.

Here are some links to discussions going on regarding the probable Panda 25 update:-

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Difference Between Clicks and Visits in Google Analytics

Many webmasters and Adwords marketers often get confused between "Clicks" and "Visits" in Google Analytics as the numbers do not match when the number of clicks and visits are matched in Adwords reports and Analytics reports respectively.  Here is the difference between the two:-


It indicates the number of times user clicks                       It indicates the number of unique sessions
on your ad.                                                                      associated with each of the visitor.

An ad can be clicked several times by the same              A visit made by a unique visitor is recorded only
visitor which results in several clicks to be recorded.       only once in a single session.(Session is of 30                

Any user can visit a site by clicking on an ad and            Visits from adclicks and bookmarks if happens on
also visit it …

Seo Checklist for 2013 (Infographic) - Strategies and Practices to Follow

Seo has changed a lot in 2013 and there are various seo methods that needs to be reconsidered as part of your seo strategy.Instead of the old methods, professional search engine optimizers must change their strategy and try some new methods as explained in the infographic shared below.

Source: viaBryan on Pinterest

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Pinterest Launches Web Analytics

Popular image sharing website, Pinterest recently announced in their blog, the launch of Pinterest Web Analytics that will help webmasters to have an insight as to which pages from their websites are receiving the maximum pins.

What will the Web Analytics Show?
With the help of Pinterest Web Analytics, verified site owners would be able to grab the most of insights for their website. Here is what you can track:-

1- Information regarding how many people visited your site from Pinterest.
2- How many people pinned from your site.
3- How many people have visited the shared pins.
4- You will get to see number of Pins and Pinners, the number of Repins and Repinners, the number of impressions and reach, the number of clicks and visitors. All this information would be presented in the form of a graph.

How to Activate?
Step 1- Verify your website on Pinterest by visiting this link or read tutorial Now You Can Verify Your Website on Pinterest
Step 2- On the to…

Google Granted Patent for Detecting Hidden Texts and Hidden Links

Recently Google has been granted a patent for detection of hidden texts and hidden links. A web document comprises of several elements like text, images, CSS and hyperlinks. Some webmasters tend to employ black hat seo tactics to increase their search engine rankings by manipulating the algorithm used by the search engines to rank web pages. This patent talks about the detection of spammy elements that are present on a web page, deliberately included by the webmasters to influence their search engine rankings.

This patent mainly detects forms of cloaking which is a practice for presenting the users with a different view of the web page than what is presented to the search engines. Some examples of cloaking are given below:-

Hidden Text- Hiding keyword laden text from the users by using text color the same as the background color.

Hidden Link- Using extremely small images to create hyperlinks so that it remains hidden from the user.

CSS of Javascript- Using CSS or Javascript to hide text…

Anchor Text Variation and SEO - Proper Ratio and Tips

Anchor Text variation in Seo has become a key factor after the Penguin update. Websites that are following a safer and a natural linking pattern including proper anchor text variations are improving their visibility in Google. Sites that are having same anchor text backlinks are losing their presence due to the Penguin updates being constantly applied by Google.

Proper Ratio to Follow for Better Anchor Text Diversity
It is important to follow a natural anchor text ratio in order to keep your website safe from the effects of the Penguin update penalty. Suppose you are targeting a keyword called "chin dogs" , then to get good rankings for the keyword and to keep your site safe from the Penguin penalty, some of the keyword options along with proper ratios are given below:-

Anchor Text Ratio

Chin Dogs                                             22%
Chin Breed Dogs                                   8%
Japanese Chin Royal Dogs                     4%
Chin Dog                        …