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Anchor Text Variation and SEO - Proper Ratio and Tips

Anchor Text variation in Seo has become a key factor after the Penguin update. Websites that are following a safer and a natural linking pattern including proper anchor text variations are improving their visibility in Google. Sites that are having same anchor text backlinks are losing their presence due to the Penguin updates being constantly applied by Google.

Proper Ratio to Follow for Better Anchor Text Diversity

It is important to follow a natural anchor text ratio in order to keep your website safe from the effects of the Penguin update penalty. Suppose you are targeting a keyword called "chin dogs" , then to get good rankings for the keyword and to keep your site safe from the Penguin penalty, some of the keyword options along with proper ratios are given below:-

Anchor Text                                         Ratio

Chin Dogs                                             22%
Chin Breed Dogs                                   8%
Japanese Chin Royal Dogs                     4%
Chin Dog                                               6%
Chin Puppies                                          6%
Chin Dogs + "Brand Name"                    6%
Chin Toy Dog + "Brand Name"              3%
Japanese Chin                                        5%
Check This Website                               2%                                      
Japanese Chin + "Brand Name"              5%
Japanese Chin Dogs                               3%
Japanese Chin Dog                                 2%
Japanese Spaniel                                    6%
Japanese Spaniel + "Brand Name"          4%
Chin                                                       6%                                     3%
Chins                                                      4%
Click here                                               1%
Spaniel Dogs                                           4%

As per the above example, its clear that following a natural looking anchor text but including the main targeted keywords along with the use of synonyms is the best strategy to follow.

anchor text variation
Anchor Text Distribution for Proper Anchor Text Diversity (Image credit:- Kylemarvin)

Please note:- The above example is just a helpful hint. It may not guarantee good rankings or no penalization as there are several other factors that are taken into consideration while ranking a webpage.

Anchor Text Variation Tips

While choosing variations of anchor text, you must follow the guidelines given below:-

1- Include brand name with your anchor text.
2- Do not overuse your main keyword but also do not ignore it completely.
3- Use synonyms while creating backlinks.
4- Use naked url's (
5- Use no keyword text like "click here", "read more", "know more", "check this here" etc.

Note:- You must also build co-citations for your site along with anchor text backlinks.

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