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Choosing a Blogging Platform For Getting Maximum SEO Benefits

Technology is ever-changing and when it comes to blogging people often get confused regarding which platform to use to get the maximum SEO benefits. Two of the world's best blogging platforms are Wordpress and Blogger and both has its own advantages. You are free to choose between any of these blogging platforms for SEO purpose.

Guidelines for Blogging

When you are creating a blog, no matter whether on Wordpress or Blogger, keep in mind few simple rules for getting the best SEO results and acquiring maximum search engine traffic.

1- Keep the structure of the blog simple and search engine friendly.
2- Divide the posts into proper categories and subcategories.
3- Use proper internal linking whenever necessary.
4- For best results, blog on a daily basis.
5- Use social media icons on your blog so that it becomes easier for the visitors to share the stuff they love the most on their social profiles.
6- Have unique and user friendly content. If possible keep on updating universal posts.
7- Attract backlinks to your blog by having content which the users are looking for.
8- Utilize the power of Google Webmasters tools to find any issue related to your blog.

Wordpress or Blogger- Which one is better for SEO?

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