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Difference Between Clicks and Visits in Google Analytics

Many webmasters and Adwords marketers often get confused between "Clicks" and "Visits" in Google Analytics as the numbers do not match when the number of clicks and visits are matched in Adwords reports and Analytics reports respectively.  Here is the difference between the two:-

Clicks VS Visits (Image credit :- hmtweb)

Clicks                                                                                           Visits

It indicates the number of times user clicks                       It indicates the number of unique sessions
on your ad.                                                                      associated with each of the visitor.

An ad can be clicked several times by the same              A visit made by a unique visitor is recorded only
visitor which results in several clicks to be recorded.       only once in a single session.(Session is of 30                

Any user can visit a site by clicking on an ad and            Visits from adclicks and bookmarks if happens on
also visit it again by clicking any bookmark url.               different sessions can result in several visits from a                
                                                                                     single click.

Google Adwords tracks clicks.                                       Google Analytics tracks visits.

Adwords filters out invalid clicks generated within           Analytics displays all data without any filtering.
the same session.

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