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Google Introduces 3 New Methods for Easier Management of Site Verifications

Google recently introduced three new features for easier management of website verifications. These new features would help in easier management of verified sites.

Feature 1

New Verification Details Link

This feature would allow you to see the methods used to verify an owner for your site. A verification link would be displayed under "manage site owners" that will show the verification details of the user and a link where the verification details can be found faster.

Feature 2

Verification Needs to be Removed Before Unverifying an Owner

If you want to unverify an owner then you need to remove the verification methods which were earlier used to verify the site.

Feature 3

Shorter CNAME Verification String to Support Large Number of DNS Providers

If you are verifying your site using CNAME verification then this method can now be easily implemented. Shorter CNAME can be used for those systems which limits the number of characters that can be used in DNS records.

Full information can be found here:- Easier management of website verifications

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