Saturday, March 9, 2013

Internal Site Search Analysis - Must for E-commerce Websites

Internal site search analysis helps an e-commerce website to understand what the visitor is trying to search helping the business owners to react to the large volume searches and update their product information accordingly. Visitors use site search option as a form of navigation.Tracking site search helps you to find hidden content and keywords that are being used by the visitors to search on your site. These keywords have a lot of potential to convert into sales.

What is Internal Site Search?

Internal site search is the search which the visitors perform within a website. Tracking site search result data is extremely valuable for an online business as it helps to know what the visitors are looking for on the website. Marketers can take decisions and make changes on their website to optimize both the search and sales.

How to Set up Site Search Tracking for your Website?

To enable site search tracking on your website, follow the steps given below:-

1- Visit Google Analytics settings page and click on the site for which you want to change the settings.

2- Click on admin located on top right hand side corner of the screen and then click on site name.Now, click on profile settings.

3- In the Edit Profile Information section, check the radio button " Do Track Site Search".

Site Search Settings
Site Search Settings

4- Enter the query parameter (In normal cases, query parameter is "q"  else look for the query parameter in your site's search url.) You may provide upto 5 parameters separated by a comma.

5- If you want to include categories for search then check on "Yes" under "Do you use categories for site search".

6- Enter the category parameter.(Identify the category parameter the same way as the query parameter) and click apply.

All done, Google will start tracking site search and present the data in the Google Analytics

Helpful Video on Internal Search Analysis and Visitor Intent by Avinash Kaushik

Want to know more about Internal Search Analysis? Have a look at this awesome presentation given by Avinash Kaushik.

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