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Pinterest Launches Web Analytics

Popular image sharing website, Pinterest recently announced in their blog, the launch of Pinterest Web Analytics that will help webmasters to have an insight as to which pages from their websites are receiving the maximum pins.

What will the Web Analytics Show?

With the help of Pinterest Web Analytics, verified site owners would be able to grab the most of insights for their website. Here is what you can track:-

1- Information regarding how many people visited your site from Pinterest.
2- How many people pinned from your site.
3- How many people have visited the shared pins.
4- You will get to see number of Pins and Pinners, the number of Repins and Repinners, the number of impressions and reach, the number of clicks and visitors. All this information would be presented in the form of a graph.

How to Activate?

Step 1- Verify your website on Pinterest by visiting this link or read tutorial Now You Can Verify Your Website on Pinterest
Step 2- On the top right menu, click on analytics.
Step 3- Start analyzing!

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