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Single Page Websites and Matt's Answer

What does Google think of single page websites? The seo implications of a single page website can go negative as a single page site finds it really harder to rank for several keyphrases and hence loses the base required for getting enough traffic. But, here is what Google's Web Spam team head, Matt Cutts says -

Video Transcription:-

There is a trend, you know, you see the conference page or the start up where you just keep on scrolling forever and they have a whole lot of content and sometimes they do call dynamic stuff. So Google has got better in handling JavaScript..and a lot of the times if you are doing strange or unusual JavaScript interaction or penning some part of the page or something like that or having things fold in or fold out , we are pretty good at being able to process that. In general, I would wanna test first and would't bet your seo legacy on this one single page working well if the JavaScript and the CSS is really obscure or may be you forgot to block that out through robots.txt. But, you are on the test and you are happy with that, I don't necessarily see a problem with that. It's a different convention, you know, sometimes it works, may be better conversions, may be don't. It's going to depend upon what your particular area is? what the topic is? what kind of layout you come out with? If it works for you and your users to have that all on one page then for most part, it should work for Google as well.

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