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What to do When You Loose Google Rankings Because Your Site is Down?

It is common  for the websites to go offline for some hours or some days together. But, during that period of time, all the hard work put behind achieving Google rankings fades away and your site loses its rankings on Google. So, what to do when you loose Google rankings because your site is down? The answer is get your site up and running as soon as possible, remove any errors that might be affecting your site and Google will put your site in the same position where it was.

Have a look at this video from Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam team explaining how to get your search rankings back after your site has been down.

Video Transcription :-

"Make sure you put your website back up, make sure that its got reliable uptime and make sure that all the pages that were there before are still there. So, there is a tension at Google where when a page goes away may be there is a 404, we don't know whether it has really gone away, or whether that page will be back. Sometimes there is a server time out, servers are kind of slow, so on one hand you don't want to keep showing a page which be a bad user experience like it has really gone away, but, on the other hand, it's very common for the websites to go down for an hour, two hours, a day, may be two days and so you also get the benefit of the doubt so you can revisit those pages and see whether they have gone up.

So, we do have varying time periods where we basically allow if a domain looks like it has gone away but it comes back online then we just say it was a transient error. So, the short and simple advice is, just go ahead and make sure that you put the website back to where it was and hopefully things should recover very quickly."

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