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Plagiarism: What Can You Do If Your Web Content Gets Plagiarized?

No matter if you’ve created your web content by yourself investing your own time and energy, or you’ve invested real money and paid a professional copywriter to do all the writing for your website, seeing the same content on someone else’s website can really be frustrating. Some people think what’s on the Internet can be fairly used, but forget on the fairly part when they should credit the original author.
Plagiarism and Duplicate Content

Plagiarism has become a serious problem on the Internet, and recently Google and other popular search engines decided it’s time to put an end of this behavior since it hurts their efforts to bring quality results to the end users. Google’s latest Panda update changed the way webmasters look at content now putting quality among the highest criterions, since duplicates can significantly damage their website authority and search engine rankings.
You can put a stop to it and protect your website copy from content scrappers before your website gets damage…

Facebook Graph Search Optimization (GSO) Guide

The launch of Facebook Graph Search offered a new way of searching for information within your social circles. This information is presented in a manner that it could easily be  trusted as it is shared by your friends and relatives. But, searching via Facebook Graph Search is a little different and not all queries would satisfy the user needs.Graph Search is useful when you want to find very specific information. It answers natural language queries and uses semantic relationship to find out the relevant results. It finds the results from a user's network of friends. Some examples are shared below:-

Restaurants in New York my friends visit often
Photos of my friends in Alabama
Dentists my friends visit
People who like Seo and are from New Delhi
Music my friends listen to
My friends from St. Joseph's College
the list goes on and on....

Now, here comes the twist, how can the businesses make use of this power of Facebook in increasing the visibility of their brand ? The answer li…

Facebook Graph Search VS Google Search - SEO RESEARCH SERIES PART 5

I conducted a small research today, in order to find out the relevancy of results returned by Google and Facebook Graph Search. It's bad news for Google engineers because Facebook clearly emerged as a winner.

Here are the details of the research I conducted today!

Search 1

Search Query - "Buy Contact Details of Company" 

Here is what Google returned :-

# I have eliminated the ads

Clearly, the results returned does not satisfy the user's query. The top 6 results do not contain sites that sells database of companies.

Now, here is what Facebook Graph Search returned :-

The results returned via Facebook contained information regarding where can I buy contact details of companies and also contained a results from business directories which sells company database.
(Note: the results were powered by Bing as Facebook by default presents results from its partner search engine Bing, whenever it is unable to find results from user's social circles or when the query is someth…

Universal Analytics Google - Set Up and Start Tracking More Than Just Websites

Ever thought of tracking more than just website like how many people use the beverage machine to drink coffee and how many of them use it to drink tea? Sounds weird? But, this is made true with the help of Google Universal Analytics which help you get a better understanding of how the users interact with your organization. The best part of this tracking system is "Multi Platform Tracking" that gives you the power to track almost anything you want to. Basically, it allows you to combine your analytics data with other customer data to make more accurate and enhanced business decisions.
The Power of Universal Analytics Some good examples are shared below that explains how you can explore the power of Universal Analytics to track almost anything you want to.
You want to track the best time in your store when the maximum sale happens.You want to track how many people leave your store without buying anything.You want to track the the number of people interested in visiting "Mi…

SEO Resources for 2013 - Must Read!!

Search engine optimization has changed a lot in 2013. Google has made it clear that it would not count low quality backlinks, low quality content, pages specifically created for ranking high on Google, cloaking of any kind etc. Hence, the key to building a great website that ranks higher on Google is to make a website keeping in mind your niche audience so that it complete serves their purpose. Building artificial backlinks would not help your cause in 2013.

Here are some of the best SEO resources for 2013 which should be read by any person holding interest in search engine optimization.

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Top 4 Strategic Seo Trends to Watch for in 2013
Seo Checklist
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Some Insights from Brighton Seo
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Seo Strategy You Must Follow in 2013
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Discussion for Google Updates and SERP Changes
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7 Factors to S…

Google Removes Instant Previews from the Search Results

Google has removed the instant preview feature from the search engine result pages that enabled the web searchers to have a look at the website displayed on the search results without actually visiting it. Actually it provided a graphic representation of the web page and highlighted the important sections based on the search query.

Google had launched instant previews back in Nov 9 2009 but sadly this feature has been removed.

Why Did Google Remove Instant Previews?
Google has removed the instant preview feature because users were not taking it seriously and Google saw a low usage rate of this feature among its users.

What's New?
The new search result pages will show the cached and share feature under a small green drop down button displayed under right hand side of the website  titles displayed on the search results.

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How Can Seo Help My Business? All Queries Answered

For people who are still confused as to how can search engine optimization help a business? This post would cover every possible details that helps a business owner to understand the importance of seo for their business.

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help a Business?
Search Engine Optimization, simple known as Seo is a process that increases the visibility of a business website in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Most of the businesses are focussed on getting rankings on Google as it is the major player in the market having more than 70% of the market share. Having the business website ranked on the first page of Google for keywords related to your business would advertise your business infront of thousands of searchers who use those keywords to find sites that fulfill their needs. The business increases leads and these leads when targeted properly heads over to successful conversions. Conversions in return leads to profits. Hence, having seo work for your b…

What Exactly is a High Quality Backlink?

Several webmasters provide different definitions to high quality backlinks. Some think high PR is the lone criteria for judging a website while others argue that sites having high DA are the best places to earn backlinks. But, what exactly is a high quality backlink?

Definition of a High Quality Backlink
"A link that raises the importance of your website in the eyes of Google or other search engines is termed as a high quality backlink. "

How to Check Which Link is of a High Quality?
Link is of High Quality when-

It comes from a site related to your industry
It has a high Domain Authority and Page Rank
It comes from a site having high TrustRank with Google
It comes from a site that has many web pages ranking on Google for competitive keywords
It is shared by an author having high Author Rank
It comes from Government Sites
It comes from educational institutions like Universities and Schools.
It comes from an authorative body within your industry.
It is shared naturally on forum…

Seo Content Copywriting Basics You Must Know

Content is the single most entity ruling the web. In order to push up your online marketing strategy, proper seo copywriting is needed as it helps in gaining good search engine rankings and increases your brand’s search engine visibility. Content that rules the web needs to be solid, comprehensive, original, user targeted, keyword laden and properly linked with little tweaks and tricks in order to handle the search engines properly. This post would help you unveil the secrets of seo copywriting which you can use to promote your website.
The Basics of Seo Copywriting Search engine optimizers are skilled professionals who have mastered the art of making websites rank high in the search engines for targeted keywords by making it more search engine friendly as well as user friendly. “Seo copywriting” is a technique used by search engine optimizers to make the site’s content go in terms of search engine guidelines and ranking algorithm in order to help it rank higher up on the search engin…

How to Create a New Dashboard in Google Analytics

Google Dashboards are an easy way to customize the enormous amount of data held by Google Analytics and filter them to create customized dashboards contained metrics which you need. In order to create a new dashboard in Google Analytics, follow the steps given below:-

Step 1- Login to your Google Analytics account.
Step 2- Click on Dashboard located under Mystuff
Step 3- Now, click on New Dashboard

Step 4- Provide a name to your dashboard. As an example, we will create a simple dashboard for tracking mobile traffic through mobile devices and give it the name "Mobile Traffic".

Step 5- Now start adding widgets which you want to show in your dashboard.

Step 6- As for example, we will add  percentage of new visits by mobile device branding. We will click on table, then choose dimension "mobile" and metric "percentage of new visits".

Step 7- Next, we will add another metric % of new visits by Mobile. The process would be the same, we will click on table, choose mobi…

Adding Thousands of Pages At Once to a Site - Does Google Counts it As a Spam?

Some large sites like news websites may feel the necessity to add several thousands webpages on the site all at once. Will Google count it as a spam? Well, Google will activate the manual web spam team to have a review of the website. But, in simple words, algorithms can take it as a spam so it is safer to add webpages in stages rather than adding them all at once.

Have a look at this video from Matt Cutts.

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Ways to Increase TrustRank of Your Website

Google makes use of the "Trust Rank" factor while ranking web pages. Sites that are having high trustrank are ranked higher up on the search engine results while low trustrank sites are ranked lower. This post would help you learn about the ways to increase the TrustRank of your website.

Ways to Build and Increase Your Website's TrustRank
In simple words, trustrank is a numerical value that is assigned to each and every web page after carefully considering several factors which help the users in getting more trusted information through sites listed by the search engines. Google always want its users to present the most relevant and high quality search results. Trustrank helps Google to find the most trusted sites in order to present before the users. If your site has a high trust rating in the eyes of Google then it will surely enjoy high search engine positioning.

1- Increase Backlinks from sources already trusted by Google. Sites that constantly rank high and receive t…

How Small Business Can Use Google Plus to Improve Rankings?

Small business are always looking for new and effective ways to improve their overall marketing strategy and generate more leads. Google Plus launched in June 2011 has taken the world by storm. The popularity of Google Plus among the young techy minded people presents a vital platform to the marketers to target there ideal audience. Google Plus is a social media platform that just cannot be ignored by the marketers. Here are some stats presented by the infographic shared below:-

"There are around 400000000 Google Plus users in the world"

"100000000 users are active on Google Plus on a monthly basis"

"625000 new accounts are created every day"

"It is important for a local business to have a Google Plus page as it helps to add valuable content to your Google places page" 

"Merging your Google Plus business page with your Google local listing makes local listing more dynamic and engaging to potential customers".

Infographic source: searchengi…

Do Exact Match Anchor Text Internal Links Hurt a Website?

Many webmasters often look confused regarding the relationship between exact match anchor text internal links and the Google Penguin update. Penguin is said to penalize websites that are having too many exact match anchor text backlinks. But, does that count for internal links also?

The video below would help you to answer this question well.

The Crux

Same anchor text backlinks does not hurts a regular website like if you are using the links as per your required design template. If you make any sort of changes and move too far adding too many links in the footer, sidebar etc. then it may affect your site. Hence, it is always the best strategy to serve the user and make it easier for the user to navigate your site without thinking how the search engines might use it as a signal to rank your website. Your site is safe as long as its using acceptable site links in terms of quantity. Act naturally and you are safe!

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x-default hreflang Attribute to Specify Default Home Page of Multilingual Websites

Google has introduced a new x default hreflang attribute to specify default home page of multi language and multilingual websites. The x default hreflang attribute will specify both Google and Yandex search engines that this page does not targets any specific language and can be used as a default page. For example, if a website serves users on 3 different locations specifically like USA, UK and AU, then  the webmasters will use the rel-alternate-hreflang as given below:-

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-gb" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-us" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-au" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="x-default" />

The last tag helps to locate the default page for the rest of the users who are not …

Barry Schwartz Changes Paid Links to No Follow

Barry Schwartz, renowned seo guru and the man behind Search Engine Roundtable has been selling links on his site for years, even before the no follow attribute was developed. 

Barry had accepted openly that his site sells links without the no follow attribute. But, recently, Barry changed up his mind due to a drop in traffic as a result of selling links on his site under "Sponsored Links". Now, all the advertised text links go with a no follow attribute in order to save the site from the effects of link selling.

For all those who are new to seo and do not know how paid links can harm your site, must read the posts mentioned below:

Why Paid Links are a Violation of Google's Guidelines

How Does Google Identifies Which Links are Paid

Google Reminds of Taking Action Against Sites that Sell PageRank

Here is the complete story:- Google Beats Me

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Google Ranking Fluctuations - Why Does it Happens for New Pages?

Webmasters often see an interesting trend of Google rankings for new pages. Fresh and relatively new pages are ranked highly for a specified period of time and then they gradually loose the rankings. This trend of getting good Google rankings and losing them overtime confuses the webmasters. Matt Cutts has come up with a video which explains the reason for this sort of behaviour from Google.

The short explanation for this sort of behaviour is that Google takes some time to judge the relevancy of new pages and compares it with older pages. New pages created on newsworthy topics like some latest news receive a boost in rankings and then gradually loose the rankings when more and more webpages start competing with each other on the same topic. Hence, the more competing pages on the same topic gives way for the loss in rankings over time.

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Google to Use Accent Information While Processing Voice Queries

Google has been granted a patent that will help to unveil the likes and tastes of people with similar voice accent like Spanish, English, Hindi, French etc. and present search results based on the voice input gathered using voice queries and then comparing it with accent data stored across their servers to determine the most relevant results for presenting it before the user. This technology is a little more useful than Automated Search Recognition which treats voice as noise and eliminates it altogether. But, recognizing voice accents while processing voice queries can be a great signal to present the user with filtered results based on the accent of the user. This is what is known as "Accent Influenced Search Results"

"Specifically, data identifying an accent of the voice query is provided to a search engine along with transcribed query terms, and the search engine returns ranked search engine results that satisfy the voice query, and that are tailored to based on tha…