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App Store Optimization Guide With Tools

App Store Optimization is the technique of making a mobile app more visible on app store searches such as Google Play and iTunes. The main motive of app store optimization is increasing the number of downloads of any mobile app be it iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone. It is one of the best strategies to follow for doing mobile app marketing.

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ASO is similar to SEO in many ways, the only difference being SEO is done to improve visibility of a website in the search engines while ASO is done to improve the visibility of a mobile app in an app store.

Finding the Right Keywords 

Use the Google Keyword Tool to get an idea of the popular keywords related to your app which the users might use to search for an app. Although this won't be accurate because the searches would relate to the web searches and not the app searches but this can still help in predicting the keywords used by majority of users on app stores. You may use other tools such as appcodes and mobiledevhq in predicting the keywords more accurately but still don't forget to utilize the value of Adwords tool.

Guidelines For Ranking High Using App Store Optimization (SEO for Mobile Apps)

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App Store Optimization requires you to properly optimize the various elements of your app as given below:-

Title of the App

Keep the title of the App catchy with the right mix of brand name and keywords. Make sure your chosen keywords are present on the App title and use the keywords on the front and the brand name afterwards.

Description of the App

Add user review in the description and make it trusted for a user to click and download the app wasting no time. Add call to action in it. It should be written purely from marketing point of view and keyword should not be stuffed in it.


Use all the chosen keywords carefully. The range of keywords is 100 characters. Include all the words for which you want to rank highly on the app searches.

App Ratings

Share the apps with your family and friends so that users rate the app highly. The more 5 star review the app has, the better it is.

Social Promotion

Share your app on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. and increase lots of social shares. App that have a high social value has better chances of ranking highly on the search results.

ASO Tools

MobileDevHQ Getting your app found in the world of endless competition will be the greatest of challenges you will have to face after building up a mobile application. That is what Dev HQ can help you with. It keeps you updated with your progress and the changes you will have to make, through E-mail. It is something you will find to be very difficult without the help of an application. Thus, Dev HQ can help you top the charts without much stress. It provides you with chart that keeps you informed about yours’ and your competitors’ position. It provides you with options to make your keywords better. It lets you know the best keywords based on relevance, search volume etc.   It will keep on analysing to make sure that you can market your products and also check whether you have any improvement. If you don’t, it will provide you with suggestions to help you improve. It informs you about your ranking based on your keyword. Whenever the app stores change their algorithm, dev HQ tracks it. It offers a set of comprehensive ASO tools like tracking search rankings of apps on app stores, discover rankings of your apps and your competitors apps, do proper keyword research, get general suggestions to optimize your apps etc.

AppcodesWhenever you create a new mobile app, all you want is to get noticed in app stores like Google play or iTunes. But if you have ever done it, you might know how difficult it is. You will definitely need the help of ASO tools. AppCodes is one of the best of ASO tools available. It is a very useful one allowing competitor tracking and keyword research. It is ‘The Swiss Army Knife’ for app code optimization. It checks the visibility of your app in the app store search. The only problem that you face in an app store is the numerous competitors you have. App codes note down all your competitors, track their press mentions and also the keywords from their descriptions. It also looks up for other apps’ keywords and gets an idea for your own keyword.
The AppCodes’ keyword prediction tool is used to guess the keyword used by your competitors. Before, a developer had to wait for a week to see whether the new set of keywords he or she submitted gets approved and even a day after that to see whether his ASO action worked. Now, the same analysis is done in seconds with the help of AppCodes’ prediction tool. The quality of the web design of AppCodes might not be that good when compared to Dev HQ. That doesn’t mean that this one is bad. After all, they have something really good to offer, better or not better. But the most important fact is that AppCodes toolset works for the U.S iTunes app store only and off course it is a paid service.

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