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Do Bigger Brands Don't Need Seo?

Often we see lots of branded companies who have a large customer base lose the race to getting online traffic with the help of search engines. There are a lot of reasons contributing to this. The question here is - Does Google recognize brands and give them special status to rank higher up? The short answer is No. Google only considers the ranking factors that works behind the curtains. In the online world, bigger brands and smaller brands are considered equal by Google. The advantage that bigger brands have is the presence of assets, revenue, large customer base etc. They can make use of this and get the things in right place by taking the help of expert search engine optimizers and web designers. Many bigger brands often have a bad website that contributes to a bad user experience, there is also a possibility that the brand is not recognized in the online world and fewer people link to the business or cite the business as people do in the real world. So, the brands needs to understand this factor and promote their website accordingly in order to keep the things in the right place and to achieve the amount of web traffic they always wanted. The two basic essentials would be "user friendly website which serves the user well" and "backlinks and references on social media sites which tells Google that this particular business is popular and has authority".

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