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How Small Business Can Use Google Plus to Improve Rankings?

Small business are always looking for new and effective ways to improve their overall marketing strategy and generate more leads. Google Plus launched in June 2011 has taken the world by storm. The popularity of Google Plus among the young techy minded people presents a vital platform to the marketers to target there ideal audience. Google Plus is a social media platform that just cannot be ignored by the marketers. Here are some stats presented by the infographic shared below:-

"There are around 400000000 Google Plus users in the world"

"100000000 users are active on Google Plus on a monthly basis"

"625000 new accounts are created every day"

"It is important for a local business to have a Google Plus page as it helps to add valuable content to your Google places page" 

"Merging your Google Plus business page with your Google local listing makes local listing more dynamic and engaging to potential customers".

Infographic source:

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