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How to Create a New Dashboard in Google Analytics

Google Dashboards are an easy way to customize the enormous amount of data held by Google Analytics and filter them to create customized dashboards contained metrics which you need. In order to create a new dashboard in Google Analytics, follow the steps given below:-

Step 1- Login to your Google Analytics account.
Step 2- Click on Dashboard located under Mystuff
Step 3- Now, click on New Dashboard

analytics dashboard

Step 4- Provide a name to your dashboard. As an example, we will create a simple dashboard for tracking mobile traffic through mobile devices and give it the name "Mobile Traffic".

create dashboard

Step 5- Now start adding widgets which you want to show in your dashboard.

add a widget

Step 6- As for example, we will add  percentage of new visits by mobile device branding. We will click on table, then choose dimension "mobile" and metric "percentage of new visits".

Add a widget

Step 7- Next, we will add another metric % of new visits by Mobile. The process would be the same, we will click on table, choose mobile (including tablet) from dimensions drop down menu and % of new visits from add a metric menu.

Step 8- Our new dashboard is ready. Although this dashboard is simple but still it gives you an idea how to create dashboards in Google Analytics using the metrics you want to display.

mobile traffic dashboard

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