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SEO Resources for 2013 - Must Read!!

Search engine optimization has changed a lot in 2013. Google has made it clear that it would not count low quality backlinks, low quality content, pages specifically created for ranking high on Google, cloaking of any kind etc. Hence, the key to building a great website that ranks higher on Google is to make a website keeping in mind your niche audience so that it complete serves their purpose. Building artificial backlinks would not help your cause in 2013.


Here are some of the best SEO resources for 2013 which should be read by any person holding interest in search engine optimization.

Seo Practices in 2013
Top 4 Strategic Seo Trends to Watch for in 2013
Seo Checklist
Top 1 Seo Tip for 2013
Some Insights from Brighton Seo
Simple Factors That Will Take the Lead
Seo Strategy You Must Follow in 2013
Favorite Seo Tools
Tips for Handling Google Penguin
Discussion for Google Updates and SERP Changes
Google Seo Study
Penguin Seo Tips
7 Factors to Survive
New Rules for Seo in 2013
Best On Page Factors

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