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Ways to Increase TrustRank of Your Website

Google makes use of the "Trust Rank" factor while ranking web pages. Sites that are having high trustrank are ranked higher up on the search engine results while low trustrank sites are ranked lower. This post would help you learn about the ways to increase the TrustRank of your website.

Ways to Build and Increase Your Website's TrustRank

In simple words, trustrank is a numerical value that is assigned to each and every web page after carefully considering several factors which help the users in getting more trusted information through sites listed by the search engines. Google always want its users to present the most relevant and high quality search results. Trustrank helps Google to find the most trusted sites in order to present before the users. If your site has a high trust rating in the eyes of Google then it will surely enjoy high search engine positioning.

1- Increase Backlinks from sources already trusted by Google. Sites that constantly rank high and receive the maximum search traffic hold the maximum trust.

2- A good criteria to judge the quality of a site is measuring both the domain authority and the Pagerank.

3- Sites having backlinks from Wikipedia are good sources of backlinks. Wikipedia itself is a good source of getting a backlink. Don't worry if the link is nofollow, search engines still uses the information in reviewing the quality of the web page even though they do not disclose it.

4- Get backlinks from aged domains. Aged domains are known to have high trustrank.

5- Include Google authorship information on your site. Increase your author rank and you will see the improvement in your site's trustrank.

6- Include proper contact information on your website. If you are an ecommerce site owner then have a secured socket layer certificate.

7- Increase the amount of trust in the minds of your customers, increase your brand value so that brand related searches gets increased.

8- Proper calculation of trustrank involves manual review and identification. Hence, genuine backlinks, user friendly website, accurate information presented on the site etc. all help in improving the trustrank.

9- If your site is related to the medical industry then ask yourself- "Do the users trust the information presented on the site?". If the answer is yes then probably you will increase your trustrank soon. Best way is to get quality, comprehensive and well cited information on your site.

10- Get backlinks from your associated industry bodies like Chamber of Commerce.

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