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5 Most Important Link Building Factors in 2013

Webmasters are busy looking for ways to build organic traffic to their website. But, in order to gain traffic from search engines like Google, it is necessary to understand the basic factors Google counts while ranking a webpage. Google divides its core ranking algorithm into two parts- content relevancy and popularity. Content relevancy depends on how well your site is related to the search keyword while popularity depends solely on link building. This post will explore the 5 most important link building factors for ranking higher in Google-

1- Quality of Backlinks - The quality of the website linking back to your site matters the most. If you are receiving a backlink from high quality and trusted websites then your chances of gaining authority is higher.

2- Relevancy of Backlinks - It is important to get thematic and relevant links to your site. If your site is related to music then get links from sites that talks about music, songs, albums, films etc.

3- Naturality - Links gained by your site should come in a natural way and must not look spammy. No similar anchor text backlinks, reciprocal links, purchased links etc.

4- Frequency - The frequency with which links are build to a website also matters. If you are building too many backlinks within a short period of time then your site can come under the scanner.

5- Quantity- The more high quality links you site is having, the higher are your chances for ranking better in the SERPS.

Now, have a look at this amazing infographic which shares the link building basics you must follow in 2013.

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Anonymous said…
Your post looks like very educational and informative. Link Building is best way to increasing the visibility of your website and it helps to generate the maximum number and quality of inbound link to a webpage. Thanks for sharing a beautiful infographic.