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Advertorial Link Building Spam - See What Matt Cutts Has to Say!

Advertorial link spamming is the most recent link spam where a webmaster or a news reporter/editor accepts money in return to add a do follow link to a particular website from an article or newsworthy content. This do not happen in the majority of sites but in some cases it is becoming an issue for Google.

Webmasters have resorted to all sorts of link building techniques in order to increase the Google rankings of their respective websites. Some have opted for complete white hat link building strategies that are accepted by Google while others have gone too far in building links using black hat methods such as paid links that are completely banned by Google.

Take your hands out of the pocket and stop advertorial link spamming as Matt Cutts has recently shared a video sharing his thoughts on advertorial link spamming and how Google is planning to take strict actions against sites which allow links that flow page rank from within the content of their websites after accepting money from the webmasters.

Here is what Matt Cutts, Google Web Spam Head, says:-

"If you look at our policy on advertorials, it's been constant for the last several years. We just want to reiterate and make sure that people realize that this can be an issue that if you are taking money and posting content...that the people don't realize is paid or is not adequately disclosed both to people and to search engines, we are willing to take action on that."

Your Site Might be Out of Google NEWS!

Yes, Matt pointed out that webmasters blindly following the approach of selling advertorial links on their websites have a risk of losing their site's presence on Google NEWS if the big G sniffs some wrong doing on their part.