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Companies are Looking for Innovative SEO's

Search Engine Optimization is a field that stands on innovation and most of the companies today are demanding 
innovative Seo's who can do something different than what the rest of the players are doing. So, what exactly is 
innovative Seo?

The Innovative Search Engine Optimizer 

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You need to change yourself if you want to remain in the competition. Change and adapt yourself the way Google is changing. Remain updated about the latest happenings going around Google and plan your strategies accordingly. Time has gone when only 1-2 tasks were associated with the search engine optimizer's role. The new Seo must be skilled in many tasks as he has to play several roles together.

Plan a Customized Seo Strategy for Every Project

Every project is different in itself and each of the project has its own set of competitors so planning the same 
old strategy for each and every website sounds boring and predictable. So be aware and do something different. It is important not to follow the same strategy for every site.

Find New Sources of Backlinks

You must keep on finding new sources of backlinks. Some of the best ways of building links to your site are shared below:- 

Think Creative

Every search engine optimizer must think creatively and plan a link bait strategy separately for every website. Read some lessons shared below:- 

Be a Social Guru

Spend time on social media sites, study the behaviour of the audience and try to get referral traffic. The time has 
come for us to shift our attention from Google to other sources from where we can get referral traffic to our site. 
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, all can play a bigger role here. Some useful lessons are shared below:- 

Be an Analytics Expert

Metrics do matter and just getting traffic without conversions is like creating a mirage. You cannot expect profits 
just by getting visits to a website. Traffic that converts well is what the companies demand and a successful 
search engine optimizer must analyze these metrics properly and optimize them in order to get conversions. Here are some useful lessons on Analytics:- 

Prepare Yourself for Facebook Graph Search Optimization

Sooner Graph search optimizers would be in demand so prepare yourself for this changing role. To learn more about Facebook Graph Search Optimization, please visit:- 

Facebook Graph Search Vs Google Search

Prepare Yourself for App Store Optimization

Apps are breaking all records in terms of downloads. The SmartPhone generation relies heavily on apps and this becomes the next source of revenue for the companies. Hence, having knowledge of app store optimization becomes necessary. Read the complete guide given below:-

App Store Optimization Guide

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