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Google Webspam Team is Working on Penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 or Penguin 4.0 whichever way you call the webspam update Google is preparing for, but it is surely going to shuffle the search results in the same manner as the first Penguin update did. The first Google Penguin Update was launched on Apr 24th, 2012 and affected around 3% of the search queries. Keep in mind, 3% although seems a less percentage but compared to the large volume of queries Google receives per day, this percentage is enough to experience a major shuffle on the search engine ranking positions of the websites.

Now, here is the video by Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam team where he discusses about the possibility of a new Penguin update version Penguin 2.0 to be launched within a few months.

The main points discussed in this video are shared below-

How Should You Plan Your Website?

Your site should be created keeping in mind your users. Try to make a site that users love and want to share, tell friends, bookmark, visit often and all of the things that make a site compelling. If this is your goal i.e. to serve the users, then Google is also working hard to show genuine sites that serve the user well, higher up on the search results.

What Kind of Things Google is Working On ?

Matt says - "The plans can change", timings can change, when we launch things can change, therefore Google does not talks about the things they are working on much. Then he comes to the point -

"We are relatively close to the next generation of Penguin" . The Penguin is an update dedicated to target black hat web spam. This update is more comprehensive than Penguin 1.0 and he probably feels that it will have a deeper impact on the search results.

Sites Engaged in Buying and Selling PR will get Penalized

Matt also clarifies that sites that are paying for advertorials and violate Google's quality guidelines or sites that are selling links will both get penalized.

A Different System for Link Analysis

A different system for link analysis is being prepared but that has been kept a secret as it is still in its early days.

More Information on Hacked Sites

Google will be providing more information to the webmasters regarding hacked sites. For example, malicious url would be listed in the Webmasters tools where the webmaster can check and identify the links where the malicious code can be found.

Panda will Re- Evaluate Itself

The Panda update will soften on sites where some additional quality signals can be gained instead of penalizing the whole site altogether. This is a good news for the webmasters who have been penalized strongly by the Panda update.

Results from the Same Domain Would Decrease As we Move Deeper in Search Results

Many webmasters have notified the issue of seeing majority of search results from the same domain.Hence, Google will be working on removing too many results from the same domain as we move deeper in search results.

This is what we expect in this summer. So, watch out!

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