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Common SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

With the increasing platforms available for social blogging, people can't resist the temptation for owning and maintaining their own personal blog. But, unknowingly most of the bloggers make the most common seo mistakes that ruins their effort of ranking well on the search engines. Every web log owner must understand the seo process and implement the seo algorithm in the blogs in the righteous of the manner. With the cut throat competition emerging in the blogging arena, a single seo mistake is capable of bringing doom for the blogger. Thus it becomes essential to keep a tab on the changes taking place in the online world and act accordingly. Here are some of the common mistakes made by the bloggers which brings home trouble for them. Have a look:

Are You Making These Seo Mistakes While Blogging?

Don't make these mistakes (Image credit

Buying Paid Links

The purchase of the links may boost up the blog's popularity for a short period of time, but they make the blog prone to the bigger threat of being flagged by Google. Many a times the bloggers feel that they can escape the Google radar, but they are certainly mistaken, as the experts keep a tab on each and every questionable pattern of links. Thus, as the saying goes, 'old is gold'; building links naturally is the best way to grow the popularity of the blog and without making the blog prone to any sort of risk.

Keyword Stuffing

Google usually dislike the web pages which are stuffed with too many of the keywords. Keyword stuffing is the worst mistake which can be committed by a blogger. They often commit the mistake of using the wrong set of keywords for the post, which naturally goes against the value of the blog. Such acts are a violation of Google's guidelines and may lead to penalty or in worst cases, complete loss of traffic from Google.


 You all must have heard about the adage, 'content is the king'. In the case of the blog, it certainly is. It is not intelligent for any blogger to play with the authenticity of the content by simply indulging in copying the content from a fellow blogger. Copying the content and serving in the blog, defeats the prime objective of the blog, as such copied content will bring no value for the readers.  Thus if one wishes to rectify the mistake, one should indulge in deep research about the niche and the related niches and then come up with a quality content for the readers. The genuine content is always praised and appreciated by the readers.

Auto Generated Title Tags

It's a common notion that the readers judge the content of the post, by simply focussing on the title tag of the post. The title tag is normally picked up by the search engines to be showed in the search results. Many a times the bloggers make use of the various applications/software for the blog which generate the title for the blog after the category or the niche of the blog is determined. The titles thus generated are the regular ones, and thus lacks the parameter of enticement in the tag which can compel the reader to read the post, once he/she glances through the title.