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Custom Variables in Google Analytics

Custom variable in Google Analytics allows you to define and track custom user interactions other than those already provided. Custom variables allows you to track the user activity in your site as per your own needs.

How to Set Up a Custom Variable?

You will need the following code in setting up your own custom variable -

_setCustomVar(index, name, value, opt_scope)

Custom variable accepts four parameters given below:- 

Required Parameters

Index - This is the slot for the custom variable and contains a  numeric value ranging from 1-5

Name - The name of the variable is defined here.

Value - The value of the variable is defined here. 

Optional Parameter

Opt_Scope - Page level, session level or visitor level interactions can be defined here.

Example of Setting Up an Ecommerce Custom Variable

Suppose, I am the owner of an ecommerce website and I want to track the number of visitors who are interested in viewing the "Electronics" section of my website. I will set up a custom variable to track this interaction using Google Analytics. 

          1,                   // Custom variable is set to slot #1.  Required parameter.
          'Category',       // Name for your Ecommerce store content categories.  Required parameter.
          'Electronics',           // Sets the value of "Category" to "Electronics".  Required parameter.
          3                    // Sets the scope to page-level.  Optional paramete.

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