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Google Offers Free and Paid Website Satisfaction Surveys

Google has went a step ahead in involving users in rating and reviewing a website by offering both free and paid website satisfaction surveys. This was announced in Google blog on June 27th 2013.

Google Consumer Surveys

Consumer surveys are a way of involving the users in reviewing a website and gathering proper feedback from them in order to improve the overall user satisfaction. Webmasters are provided with the free data of consumer feedback which they can use in improving their website.

How Many Results Can You Track?

You can track around 500 results per month.

How to Start Tracking?

Here is a four step process to start the consumer satisfaction tracking.

1- Get the code snippet by visiting -
2- Paste the code snippet on your site just before the closing </head> tag.
3- Click on the received email for confirmation.
4- Start tracking the responses.

Google Custom Surveys

Apart from the free survey, there also exists an option of custom surveys which costs 1¢ per response. You can provide your own questions with this type of survey.

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