Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Tag a Site in Google Webmasters to Comply With COPPA's Requirements?

If you are a webmaster of a site that deals with children under 13 years of age and collect information from them then it becomes necessary for you to tag your website in Google webmasters tools in order to comply with COPPA's requirements.

What is COPPA?

COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. It provides parental control over websites regarding the information they can collect from the kids. Violation of this rule can result in civil penalties.
The full PDF mentioning the various guidelines can be found here:-

Father and Kid sitting in front of a computer
Protecting a child's online privacy (Image credit:-

Tagging a Website in Google Webmasters for Child Directed Treatment

To tag a website or service for treatment as child directed, first verify your site under Google Webmasters and then visit the url given below:-

Select the site you want to tag as child directed and check the checkbox. Now, click on "Tag Child Directed" and you are done.

Please Note:-

It may take some time for this action to come into effect so wait until it becomes active and counted by Google.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Google Local Carousel - How to Get Your Business Listed?

Google's local carousel is the new local search for Google. It is still in the testing process in US and if it becomes a success then it's set to replace the traditional local listings. The local carousel displays the local business listings in a horizontal form with options to view all of the local business listings by scrolling the carousel sideways. This was a necessary move by Google due to the increasing number of local buisness listings. The increase in the number of local businesses and the hunger to list each one of them on Google was forcing Google to display 7-8 local listings in a single SERP. This was pushing down other search results. To stop this from happening, Google came with the idea of Carousel which worked the same way as Google local listings and also allowed the remaining search results related to the main business to be displayed on SERP.

What's New in Local Carousel?

When we search for a local query like "cafes near los angeles ca", Google displays the following local results in a carousel.

Local carousel gets displayed when we search for the query "Cafes near Los Angeles Ca"

As per the image displayed above, the local listings are displayed in a horizontal carousel with an option to scroll the remaining results. The remaining results for the main query are displayed on the main SERP. This provides an advantage to other websites to show up in the search results instead of the local listings covering the whole area of SERP.

When we click on any one listing displayed in the carousel, the query automatically changes to the clicked business name. A search for the main business query displays search results related to the business name and also displays the contact information, directions and reviews on the right hand side of the search results. You can see an example given on the image shared below:-

Business listing as seen after clicking on the carousel for the business name "Urth Caffe"

How to Get Your Business Listed?

There is no guarantee for listing your business on local carousel. It solely depends on algorithms whether they pick up the listing of your business to be displayed in the carousel. However, there are a few steps which you can take in order to maximize the chances of entering the local carousel.

1- Have a Google Plus business listing with complete and accurate business information.
2- Ask your customers to add reviews in it. The more positive reviews your business receives, the better your score will become. Better score can help your business get listed faster.
3- List and update your business on the local web directories and review sites.
4- Add photos and videos in your business listing.
5- Increase citations and link your business listing wherever you can.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Secret Behind the Power of Google Plus Ones Revealed!

If you are thinking that having lots of Google Plus ones for your website may provide an additional weightage to increase the chances of ranking higher on Google search results then this story has a small twist! The factor that lies behind the real power of Google Plus ones is the Agent Rank.

The Secret - Agent Rank

A separate score is provided by Google to all the authors based on their social reputation that is known as the Agent Rank or Author Rank. If a high score agent provides a plus one to your shared web pages then that is counted as a high vote of trust than getting a plus one from an agent with a low score. This is the secret behind the power of Google Plus ones. (Read more about Agent Rank - Author Rank is the new Page Rank)

So, if you are planning a strategy to increase the number of plus ones without focussing on the agent rank, then it's time to revise your strategy. You must try and get lots of plus ones from reputed authors who are having a high score. This will increase your site's chances of receiving much popularity within a shorter period of time.

Proper Strategy for Getting Plus Ones to your Site

A customized strategy should be planned for each and every website for which you are planning to increase the number of plus ones. Some guidelines are mentioned below:-

1- Create a Google Plus business page and share compelling content in it on a regular basis.
2- Prepare a list of verticals related to your main site and plan strategy to receive plus ones from them.
3- Prepare a list of reputed persons related to your industry and plan separate strategies to receive plus ones from them.
4- Connect your social media profiles together and share stuff that can induce plus ones.
5- Make it easy for your audience to vote up by installing plus one buttons on your site.
6- Participate in local events and get people to vote up your site.
7- Make sure that you get plus ones from genuine people who are related to your industry.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Text Surrounding Hyperlink (Web Quotes) May be Used as Meta Descriptions by Google

In yet another patent granted to Google earlier this week, the text surrounding hyperlink (Web Quotes) may be used by Google as meta descriptions and returned to the user in response to the search query.

If Google proceeds by the technique mentioned in this patent then it may use text from paragraphs that contains the hypertext links or text from the header based on the quality of text present on these areas. The descriptive text present in these areas, accurately summarizes the linked web page and may help Google in finding the best web document description to be stored in their index and at times return to the user as document snippets.

Here is a background of the invention:-

When the search engines indexes the target web page (the linked web page), the descriptive text of the first web page may be used to create a comprehensive document index. In this way, it is possible for the search engines to get a more accurate description of each links present in their index.

Optimize the Text Surrounding the Hyperlinks (Web Quotes)

The next step for the search engine optimizers is to optimize the web quotes present in the various web documents including the headings and other important areas of the page. You never know, when Google starts using it in order to present it as a search snippet before the user. This new form of meta description may hit the search results either sooner or later, but we need to prepare ourselves for it.

Full Patent information can be viewed here:-

Inventors:Dean; Jeffrey A. (Menlo Park, CA), Farach-Colton; Martin (New York, NY), Ghemawat; Sanjay (Mountain View, CA), Gomes; Benedict (Mountain View, CA), Hank; Georges R.(Mountain View, CA)

Dean; Jeffrey A.
Farach-Colton; Martin
Ghemawat; Sanjay
Gomes; Benedict
Hank; Georges R.

Menlo Park
New York
Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View


Assignee:Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA) 
Appl. No.:10/386,110
Filed:March 12, 2003

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pinployees Take Part in "Make-a-thon" Held in their New Office in San Francisco

Pinterest employees (better known as Pinployees) took part in the recently held "Make-a-thon" in their new office located in San Francisco. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann organized this gathering which was an all night creativity fest demanding extra creativity to build up ideas that can make Pinterest even more interesting than before. The company posted an update on this recently in a blog post.

Pinterest team in their new office in San Francisco (Image source:- Pinterest)

The place was full of creative ideas. Have a look at some of these shared below:-

Real Life Pinboard 
Wall of Pinspiration
DIY Marqueelight
Wall Art

(All images credit:- Pinterest)

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Taxonomic Classification Will Help Google Find the Real Context of Words

One of the most difficult tasks for the search engines is to find the real context of words contained in a web document. For example, the word 'close' has two different meanings. The first meaning is 'to shut down' and the second meaning is 'nearby '. As both the words are spelled the same, it becomes difficult for search engines to determine the underlying meaning of the words.

Taxonomic Classification and the Golden Set

Taxonomic classification is a technique which uses a hierarchical and tree like structure in order to classify every word that falls under a category contained in the taxonomy. The taxonomy itself is a large set of  documents which requires human readers to identify specific words within a known set of documents and associate the words under separate labels which may then form a different set known as "golden set" or the "training set". A new classifier model gets developed in conjunction with the original taxonomy.

In layman terms, the model specifically deals with identifying particular labels and forming a hierarchical structure containing "top level" and further "lower level" categories that may be used to process and identify the correct meaning of the word. This will be a continuous process and the model is an ever growing model with new words constantly being added as labels.


Here is a short example of how this model will work?

Foreign or Domestic Cars
Make of the Car
Model of the Car
Color of the Car
Car Price

Now, the interesting part of this classification is that, the data forming the part of the documents will be obtained by websites. A branded website having proper categorization of cars and models might be used to produce a golden set; or data from several websites together might be used for this task.

Summary of the Patent

Here are the screenshots of the summary of the patent:-

Full Patent information can be viewed here:-

Training Set Construction for Taxonomic Classification

Inventors:Juang; Philo (Los Angeles, CA), Testa; Christopher (Venice, CA), Mote; Nicolaus (Los Angeles, CA)

Juang; Philo
Testa; Christopher
Mote; Nicolaus

Los Angeles
Los Angeles


Assignee:Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA) 
Family ID:45572099
Appl. No.:13/350,213
Filed:January 13, 2012

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Duplicate Content Like Terms and Conditions Will Not Cause Harm to the Site's Rankings

Duplicate content across many webpages like those contained in terms and conditions which are similar in many aspects but are legally required will not hurt your website rankings in Google. However, having duplicate content on other important pages of your site that are not legally required or has scope of change may affect your website presence on Google.

Matt Cutts gave a simple explanation that legally required similar content webpages are ignored by the search engines and they do not cause any harm in the search rankings of the website. This explanation was necessary as many webmasters were confused after the Panda and Penguin updates as all kinds of duplicate content can hurt their website. It was for this reason that webmasters contacted Google to specify a valid answer to this. Have a look at this video:-

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Linking all Your Domains Together - Is it Right in the Eyes of Google?

Many large web networks, blog networks, big brands etc. all have more than 1 website and majority of them link all these websites together. Some may even link more than 30 websites from a single domain, resulting in massive interlinking and causing serious spamming issues. However, linking all your domains together solely depends upon the user experience and how well you have kept the user experience in mind while interlinking your domains together.

For Country Specific TLD's, Interlinking is Fine

For businesses having 10-12 domains or more and all having country specific TLD's, it is OK to interlink their websites together. These businesses must create a separate page for listing all their domains and link it from the home page. This is a much better option than linking all the domains from the footer itself.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts, giving advice on how should you link all your domains together- 

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Syndication is a Valid Way to Get More Links

Search engine optimizers and internet marketers have long used the strategy of content syndication as an effective method to increase links to a website. But one question still haunts them and that is "Is content syndication a valid way to get more links?". Well, the answer is, YES. In Matt Cutts opinion, content syndication and link building is not illegal. The point is, you only need to maintain some technical things to get it right.

(Image credit:-

How to Do Content Syndication the Right Way?

In order to get the full benefit of content syndication, you need to put some mechanical things in place.

Publish the content under your Google Authorship - You need to publish the content either on your main site or any other authoritative site under your Google Authorship. This will help Google find out the original author of the article and pass on the full value.

Use rel=canonical - You must use rel=canonical tag in order to help Google understand that the location of the original content and treat the other syndicated ones as unoriginal.

(The information has been gathered from an interview published in stonetemple. For more reference, please visit - Link building is not illegal)

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Make Your Website Ready for 2013 Link Building - Infographic

Link building has changed a lot in 2013. The infographic shared below will unveil the basics of link building in 2013.

5 Things Google Gives Priority While Presenting the Results

Quality - The overall quality of the site matters a lot. This includes the quality of content and the trust which the audience holds in the content.

Relevancy - Google always picks the most relevant site out of the lot with respect to the search query.

Frequency - The frequecny with which a brand receives promotion, including links and posting of content, all holds a certain value in the eyes of Google.

Naturality- How natural is the link building process? Is the website using unnatural methods to build links? Naturality with which links are created can make or break a website.

Quantity - The quantity of links and the quantity with which content is created on the site, both holds value.

Link Building Platforms

Content Marketing - The traditional way of marketing which includes article syndication and guest posting.

Social Media - Promoting a website on major social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.

Local Niche Sites - Presence of business details in locally relevant websites.

Geo Local Sites - Presence of business details in geo local sites.

Lead Generation Platforms - These are costly but gives good results.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Black Hat SEO Practices That Can (and Will) Damage Your Reputation

The Internet has changed the way business is handled, and in doing so, it has also changed many of the ways businesses go about building and managing their reputations. A business's online reputation can help make or break its success. With that said, businesses are taking extreme steps to build and protect those reputations. Some even turn to the professional services such as or read some insightful posts on removing bad reviews on and other similar companies that focus on reputation management for assistance. Others focus on using SEO methods to build their Internet reputation.

Savvy Businesses Use SEO to Build Solid Online Reputations

About Using SEO to Build a Reputation

When using SEO tactics correctly, a website or business gains the favorable attention of search engines. This helps the site move up in search rankings, which means the site will come up in searches more often. In other words, the site listing is more likely to get found when people are searching for terms related to the site. The bottom line is, SEO is designed to increase traffic to a site by the process of gaining high-ranking SERPs (search engine result pages).

SEO is "white hat" best practices. These principles should be used when working to develop and maintain a business, and also when building an online reputation.

Black Hat SEO

The label "black hat" is used to refer to inappropriate SEO strategies. Black hat SEO methods are those designed to attempt to "trick" search engines or damage other websites in some way. The use of these techniques can result in websites dropping in search engine ranks or being completely banned from a search engine. That has a detrimental effect on the business's online reputation.

The goal of black hat SEO is really the same as white hat methods -- to gain search engine juice. But not only are these techniques frowned upon, they can literally ruin a business's overall Internet reputation.

SEO Tactics to Avoid

Hidden Content: Although there are different ways to accomplish this dirty deed, some webmasters will add keywords in a white font to a white background or use black font on a black background, etc. This results in the words being invisible to site visitors, but the keywords are picked up by search engines.

Link Farming: Link building is an important part of SEO, but links should be relevant, and they should be built over time in a natural way. Joining a link farm will ensure links, but they do not help increase traffic to the site, and they are highly frowned on by search engines.

Worthless Content: The truth is soon discovered about sites that add worthless content just for the sake of building quantity and adding keywords. These sites become known as spam sites that post irrelevant content.

Things to Do Instead

The basics of SEO begin with proper keyword research and learning how and where to use those words and terms. In most cases, a short phrase is more effective than a single word.

The website itself should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should be designed in a way that makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Add quality content with the intent of becoming an authority site. Content should always be properly optimized.

Link-building can be a slow process, but it is necessary. Making use of natural link building methods are the best way to add reputation to your site. Internal links are also important for SEO purposes. Link related articles whenever possible.

White hat SEO techniques are best practices that can take any business to a higher level, and when practiced consistently, these methods will protect and maintain the online reputation of the business.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Parameterless Searches - Soon to Become a Reality?

Soon you will be able to search just with the shake of the mobile. This is known as "Parameterless Searches" that would allow you to get instant information without entering any query on Google. The magic will happen just with the shake of your mobile and information will be delivered instantly. These type of searches will use data collected from time, date, emails, geographic location, travel speed, habitual activity etc. So, get ready for parameterless search queries.

Here is the Claim -

How Relevant Will be the Results?

Every result provided by Google would be customized to each and every individual. This customization would be based on the current context of the mobile computing device of the user.

How Will it Work?

Parameterless searches will work based on several factors as given below:-

Geographical location of the user
Speed of travel
Device activity (Data can be collected from it)
Weather conditions
Time and date

In short, it works by establishing a connection between three different servers - the data server (back end server that stores the information to be presented), the application server (consists of middleware) and the front end server (the mobile or digital computing device).


(Recommended Reading - Context is King, Google Parameterless Searches)

Full Patent information can be viewed here:- 

Providing results to parameterless search queries 

Inventors:Agarwal; Sumit (Washington, DC), Gundotra; Vic (Los Gatos, CA), Nicolaou; Alex (Waterloo, CA)

Agarwal; Sumit
Gundotra; Vic
Nicolaou; Alex

Los Gatos


Assignee:Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA) 
Appl. No.:12/871,562
Filed:August 30, 2010

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Search Appearance Pop Up - A Great Hint to Properly Optimize Your Website!

Google recently unveiled a new pop up window named "Search appearance Pop Up" which can be seen beside search appearance tab after clicking the question mark icon. This new pop up was added after the recent reorganization of the left navigation menu in Google Webmasters Tools. This was announced in Google Webmasters Blog.  The Search Appearance pop up menu although added as a resource for newbie webmasters to learn the essentials of how Google search works and allows them to organize their website in a manner that can be easier for Google to identify and present in the search results, can be a great signal for search engine optimizers to allow them to properly optimize the website.

What's Included in Search Appearance Pop Up - Area's to Consider

The search appearance pop up windows discusses the elements of Google search results. These elements make up the entire search engine result page of Google and properly optimizing each and every element discussed in the pop up as per the requirement of the website can be extremely helpful in getting good search engine visibility.

Let us discuss each of the elements discussed in the search appearance pop up window.

As displayed in the image above, the important elements are title, snippet, sitelinks, search within a site, url, rich snippets, breadcrumbs and author information.

Title - Title is the most important element in a web page. A title should be informative and relevant.

Snippet - An accurate and clickworthy summary of the page should be presented here. This is what you call as page description.

Sitelinks - These are generated automatically depending on the user's query. For example, if the user is searching the site with the brand name then sitelinks gets displayed in the search results (not in all cases). In general, sitelinks gets displayed more often for popular sites.

Url structure - The Url structure of your site should be logical and must provide an accurate presentation of the content present in the web page. For example a web page focussing on "Birthday Cakes" should have the url "" or "" or etc.

Event Markup - Use markup like Data highlighter whenever you want to display event related data from the web page on the search results. This can drastically improve the search performance of a web page.

Breadcrumbs - Use breadcrumbs for easier navigation and proper passing of the Page Rank to the inner pages. (Know more about breadcrumbs)

Rich Snippets - Follow rich snippets data markup in order to display user ratings and reviews of the products contained in the web page on the Google search results.

Author Information - Use Google Authorship to display author related data in the search results. This will help to move from an anonymous presentation of data to genuine ownership of data. A great ranking signal for Google based on author rank.

These are the major chunks of on page optimization which must be taken care of seriously in order to get improved visibility on Google.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Google Keyword Tool Updates to Keyword Planner

Google will soon close the Keyword Tool and update it to Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner tool will help you plan your next search campaign. The new interface displays the keyword ideas as ad groups. For example, a search for "Seo" gives us some ad group ideas as given below:-

The new interface looks great and allows you to divide your keywords into ad groups that displays the individual keywords included in the group, the average monthly searches, the competition and the average CPC. This tool is specially designed for Adwords help but search engine optimizers can still use it as a great resource to find keywords related to niche businesses.

You may also upload your own keywords and multiply the keyword lists to get even better ideas. Have a look at the screenshot shared below:-

 I would advise all of you to switch over to the new tool because the sooner you switch, the sooner you would be able to adapt to its interface and grab the essentials of finding the most profitable keywords in your niche.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Make Your Seo Campaign Stand Unique?

Whenever we talk about seo, we are reminded of building backlinks to our website using old school techniques like article syndication, directory submission, forum posting, social blogging, social bookmarking etc. But, the most important part which we all forget is the uniqueness in your SEO campaign! From where can we get that uniqueness that makes our targeted website stand apart in the search results?

Do Unique SEO and Defeat Your Competitors!

Gaining good rankings, getting targeted traffic, increasing the rate of successful conversions are all included in a SEO’s work strategy. But, getting positive results on all these fronts requires extra effort. This extra effort should be in terms of creativity and uniqueness. I will discuss some of the ways you can make your seo campaign stand unique and gain the best results on areas that are most required.

(Get the Missing Seo Power in Your Campaigns, Image credit- trickstrack)

Plan out a Separate Strategy for Every Website

A separate strategy should be planned for every website. You cannot go and perform a fixed amount of pre planned SEO work for every website that comes to you. Each and every niche requires work to be done based on their competition and targeted keywords. So, spend more time in doing proper research as to where the website stands at the initial stage and how much work is required to help it get promoted in order to get more targeted traffic thereby increasing the rate of conversions.

Spend 30% of Your Time Doing Competitor Research

Competitor research is an ongoing strategy and should be followed until the campaign is live. Most of the web marketers start the campaign by analyzing the competitors and then leave them uncompleted. You must devote at least 30% of your SEO work time in doing proper competitor research using tools like Moz, Semrush, Ahrefs, Alexa, KeywordSpy, Social Mention etc. Using tools for doing competitor research makes your work easier than before and you can spend more time analyzing and revising your strategy.

Focus on Improving the Site’s Content

Google algorithm works in two ways in analyzing the relevancy of a website with respect to the searched keywords. The first is by analyzing the content present on the webpage and the second is by judging the authenticity of the website. Content is the prime criteria to make your site rule the search results.
You must focus really hard in improving the site’s content and keep on updating the pages. Many times it happens that the news, story or advice present in the pages become stale and requires updation.  When this happens, update your web pages immediately to stay in competition as the users love the sites which provide fresh and updated content. It is better to mention here that Google always follows the user.

Work towards Increasing the Brand Value

If you are promoting a website that is an established brand then work towards increasing the brand value. Study the number of brand related searches that people perform every day. Analyze the content of the sites which show up in the search results apart from the brand’s own site. Get some online reputation management done if it is required. This way the brand popularity will be maintained.

Get Social Media Attention

Social Media has taken the world by storm and Google was forced to include it as criteria for judging the popularity of a webpage. You have the power of social media in your hands so go and explore it! Get the right amount of social media attention for your targeted site in order to make Google realize the importance of your site.

You need to establish a solid presence on all leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious, Google Plus. Diigo, Reddit etc.

Invest More Time and Build Reputable Profiles for Guest Posting

Guest posting has come out as one of the best ways of building natural backlinks for your website. But, many people are doing in wrongly forcing Google to plan out an update for spammy guest posting soon. First thing to keep in mind is, guest posting done without mentioning your genuine Google Plus profile is a waste. Actual guest posting are done by industry experts who genuinely share their opinions with the world and mention the brands in their story or advice. You need to become an expert in order to make your word count. I know, it sounds a little bit difficult to make that possible, but believe me, this is what Google wants! It is upto you, how intelligently you carry out your guest posting campaign.

Plan out a Link Bait

Many web marketers and search engine optimizers bypass this extremely important SEO component while promoting a site. You must spend weeks together in planning out a proper link baiting campaign because if this strikes well, you will steal the game from your competitors.

Work towards Increasing the Social Share Count

Numbers do matter and brands having a high count of social shares on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are seen with much respect than those having a low social count. Hence, work towards increasing the number of social counts, the more is the better. But, remember; do not buy them as this won’t help in the long run.

Make Brands Spread a Helping Hand towards Customers in Order to Increase Citations

Citations matter no less than backlinks. You need to increase the number of citations pointing towards your brand. Successful citations are received automatically whenever the brand is in news or does something positive for the benefit of the customer.

Get a Rock Solid Local Presence

Don’t forget to get a rock solid local presence. Earn citations and backlinks from every popular local listing directory like WhitePages, YellowPages, Manta, Biznik, Kudzu etc. These sites have enough reputation and getting a listing here can increase the chances of getting targeted visitors to your site.

Build Authorship and Author Rank

Anonymous content will not rank as it used to be in the past. Although, leaving some exceptions. Implementing Google authorship and building author rank is the single most important thing you can do for your site right now. Do not remain in the cloud that your site cannot get hurt because it has enough of reputation. Get the authorship implemented at the earliest.

Don’t Leave Out Press Releases

Press Releases are the SEO’s best friend. Make it a habit of sending out press releases but not without any reason. Try to make the brand remain in the news in some or the other form. Create news and distribute it accordingly. If experts are to be believed then it works as the best link bait.

Revise Your Strategy Time to Time

A successful and experienced search engine optimizer must revise the strategy from time to time. This helps to find out the areas that needs less attention and the areas that needs more time and effort. But, remember to give ample time to your planned strategy first before revising the strategy. Have a lot of patience while carrying out the SEO campaign for your client as this will surely pay in the long run.

Please share your thoughts and add additional points in the comments below.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where to Link to the Original Source in the Article?

If you are wondering where to link to the original source in an article then do so at the beginning of the article instead of pointing it at the bottom. This is although the personal opinion of Matt Cutts. In true sense, it does not really matters if you point to the original source at the beginning of the article or at the bottom. The Page Rank would be passed in both the cases. But yes, linking to the source at the beginning is always better from user point of view.

Have a look at this video where Matt answers the question -

"If I write about another article, where should I link to the original source?" asked by Nayan Seth of India.

Link to Your Sources and Make Web a Better Place

Matt has also asked webmasters to give credit to original sources wherever necessary. This helps to pass the due credit and authority to the original creators.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Tips to Create Great Content for Your Website - Infographic

Content is one of the most important factors for ranking high on the search engines. The infographic shared below discusses top 10 tips to create great content for your website.

1- Keep your content clear and easy to understand.
2- Don't leave the FAQ section and answer it in depth.
3- Include "How To's" in your site as per the niche of your business. How to's are one of the most popular content on the internet.
4- Use images and video to make the content more user friendly.
5- Present well written, unique and user friendly content for your audience.
6- Create some "Best Lists" as these receive the maximum number of social shares.
7- Post fresh and newsworthy content related to your industry.
8- Shift your content with the seasons.
9- Plan out some case studies.
10- Leave options for reviews and comments to make the content more interactive.

(Infographic source:-
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