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How to Tag a Site in Google Webmasters to Comply With COPPA's Requirements?

If you are a webmaster of a site that deals with children under 13 years of age and collect information from them then it becomes necessary for you to tag your website in Google webmasters tools in order to comply with COPPA's requirements.

What is COPPA?
COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. It provides parental control over websites regarding the information they can collect from the kids. Violation of this rule can result in civil penalties.
The full PDF mentioning the various guidelines can be found here:-

Tagging a Website in Google Webmasters for Child Directed Treatment
To tag a website or service for treatment as child directed, first verify your site under Google Webmasters and then visit the url given below:-

Select the site you want to tag as child directed and check the checkbox…

Google Local Carousel - How to Get Your Business Listed?

Google's local carousel is the new local search for Google. It is still in the testing process in US and if it becomes a success then it's set to replace the traditional local listings. The local carousel displays the local business listings in a horizontal form with options to view all of the local business listings by scrolling the carousel sideways. This was a necessary move by Google due to the increasing number of local buisness listings. The increase in the number of local businesses and the hunger to list each one of them on Google was forcing Google to display 7-8 local listings in a single SERP. This was pushing down other search results. To stop this from happening, Google came with the idea of Carousel which worked the same way as Google local listings and also allowed the remaining search results related to the main business to be displayed on SERP.

What's New in Local Carousel?
When we search for a local query like "cafes near los angeles ca", Google…

Secret Behind the Power of Google Plus Ones Revealed!

If you are thinking that having lots of Google Plus ones for your website may provide an additional weightage to increase the chances of ranking higher on Google search results then this story has a small twist! The factor that lies behind the real power of Google Plus ones is the Agent Rank.

The Secret - Agent Rank
A separate score is provided by Google to all the authors based on their social reputation that is known as the Agent Rank or Author Rank. If a high score agent provides a plus one to your shared web pages then that is counted as a high vote of trust than getting a plus one from an agent with a low score. This is the secret behind the power of Google Plus ones. (Read more about Agent Rank - Author Rank is the new Page Rank)

So, if you are planning a strategy to increase the number of plus ones without focussing on the agent rank, then it's time to revise your strategy. You must try and get lots of plus ones from reputed authors who are having a high score. This will inc…

Text Surrounding Hyperlink (Web Quotes) May be Used as Meta Descriptions by Google

In yet another patent granted to Google earlier this week, the text surrounding hyperlink (Web Quotes) may be used by Google as meta descriptions and returned to the user in response to the search query.

If Google proceeds by the technique mentioned in this patent then it may use text from paragraphs that contains the hypertext links or text from the header based on the quality of text present on these areas. The descriptive text present in these areas, accurately summarizes the linked web page and may help Google in finding the best web document description to be stored in their index and at times return to the user as document snippets.

Here is a background of the invention:-

When the search engines indexes the target web page (the linked web page), the descriptive text of the first web page may be used to create a comprehensive document index. In this way, it is possible for the search engines to get a more accurate description of each links present in their index.

Optimize the Tex…

Pinployees Take Part in "Make-a-thon" Held in their New Office in San Francisco

Pinterest employees (better known as Pinployees) took part in the recently held "Make-a-thon" in their new office located in San Francisco. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann organized this gathering which was an all night creativity fest demanding extra creativity to build up ideas that can make Pinterest even more interesting than before. The company posted an update on this recently in a blog post.

The place was full of creative ideas. Have a look at some of these shared below:-

(All images credit:- Pinterest)

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Taxonomic Classification Will Help Google Find the Real Context of Words

One of the most difficult tasks for the search engines is to find the real context of words contained in a web document. For example, the word 'close' has two different meanings. The first meaning is 'to shut down' and the second meaning is 'nearby '. As both the words are spelled the same, it becomes difficult for search engines to determine the underlying meaning of the words.

Taxonomic Classification and the Golden Set
Taxonomic classification is a technique which uses a hierarchical and tree like structure in order to classify every word that falls under a category contained in the taxonomy. The taxonomy itself is a large set of  documents which requires human readers to identify specific words within a known set of documents and associate the words under separate labels which may then form a different set known as "golden set" or the "training set". A new classifier model gets developed in conjunction with the original taxonomy.

In laym…

Duplicate Content Like Terms and Conditions Will Not Cause Harm to the Site's Rankings

Duplicate content across many webpages like those contained in terms and conditions which are similar in many aspects but are legally required will not hurt your website rankings in Google. However, having duplicate content on other important pages of your site that are not legally required or has scope of change may affect your website presence on Google.

Matt Cutts gave a simple explanation that legally required similar content webpages are ignored by the search engines and they do not cause any harm in the search rankings of the website. This explanation was necessary as many webmasters were confused after the Panda and Penguin updates as all kinds of duplicate content can hurt their website. It was for this reason that webmasters contacted Google to specify a valid answer to this. Have a look at this video:-

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Linking all Your Domains Together - Is it Right in the Eyes of Google?

Many large web networks, blog networks, big brands etc. all have more than 1 website and majority of them link all these websites together. Some may even link more than 30 websites from a single domain, resulting in massive interlinking and causing serious spamming issues. However, linking all your domains together solely depends upon the user experience and how well you have kept the user experience in mind while interlinking your domains together.

For Country Specific TLD's, Interlinking is Fine
For businesses having 10-12 domains or more and all having country specific TLD's, it is OK to interlink their websites together. These businesses must create a separate page for listing all their domains and link it from the home page. This is a much better option than linking all the domains from the footer itself.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts, giving advice on how should you link all your domains together- 

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Syndication is a Valid Way to Get More Links

Search engine optimizers and internet marketers have long used the strategy of content syndication as an effective method to increase links to a website. But one question still haunts them and that is "Is content syndication a valid way to get more links?". Well, the answer is, YES. In Matt Cutts opinion, content syndication and link building is not illegal. The point is, you only need to maintain some technical things to get it right.

How to Do Content Syndication the Right Way?
In order to get the full benefit of content syndication, you need to put some mechanical things in place.

Publish the content under your Google Authorship - You need to publish the content either on your main site or any other authoritative site under your Google Authorship. This will help Google find out the original author of the article and pass on the full value.

Use rel=canonical - You must use rel=canonical tag in order to help Google understand that the location of the original content and tr…

Make Your Website Ready for 2013 Link Building - Infographic

Link building has changed a lot in 2013. The infographic shared below will unveil the basics of link building in 2013.

5 Things Google Gives Priority While Presenting the Results
Quality - The overall quality of the site matters a lot. This includes the quality of content and the trust which the audience holds in the content.

Relevancy - Google always picks the most relevant site out of the lot with respect to the search query.

Frequency - The frequecny with which a brand receives promotion, including links and posting of content, all holds a certain value in the eyes of Google.

Naturality- How natural is the link building process? Is the website using unnatural methods to build links? Naturality with which links are created can make or break a website.

Quantity - The quantity of links and the quantity with which content is created on the site, both holds value.

Link Building Platforms
Content Marketing - The traditional way of marketing which includes article syndication and guest posting.


Black Hat SEO Practices That Can (and Will) Damage Your Reputation

The Internet has changed the way business is handled, and in doing so, it has also changed many of the ways businesses go about building and managing their reputations. A business's online reputation can help make or break its success. With that said, businesses are taking extreme steps to build and protect those reputations. Some even turn to the professional services such as or read some insightful posts on removing bad reviews on and other similar companies that focus on reputation management for assistance. Others focus on using SEO methods to build their Internet reputation.

About Using SEO to Build a Reputation
When using SEO tactics correctly, a website or business gains the favorable attention of search engines. This helps the site move up in search rankings, which means the site will come up in searches more often. In other words, the site listing is more likely to get found when people are searching for terms related to the site. The bot…

Parameterless Searches - Soon to Become a Reality?

Soon you will be able to search just with the shake of the mobile. This is known as "Parameterless Searches" that would allow you to get instant information without entering any query on Google. The magic will happen just with the shake of your mobile and information will be delivered instantly. These type of searches will use data collected from time, date, emails, geographic location, travel speed, habitual activity etc. So, get ready for parameterless search queries.

Here is the Claim -

How Relevant Will be the Results?
Every result provided by Google would be customized to each and every individual. This customization would be based on the current context of the mobile computing device of the user.

How Will it Work?
Parameterless searches will work based on several factors as given below:-

Geographical location of the user
Speed of travel
Device activity (Data can be collected from it)
Weather conditions
Time and date

In short, it works by establishing a connection betwee…

Search Appearance Pop Up - A Great Hint to Properly Optimize Your Website!

Google recently unveiled a new pop up window named "Search appearance Pop Up" which can be seen beside search appearance tab after clicking the question mark icon. This new pop up was added after the recent reorganization of the left navigation menu in Google Webmasters Tools. This was announced in Google Webmasters Blog.  The Search Appearance pop up menu although added as a resource for newbie webmasters to learn the essentials of how Google search works and allows them to organize their website in a manner that can be easier for Google to identify and present in the search results, can be a great signal for search engine optimizers to allow them to properly optimize the website.

What's Included in Search Appearance Pop Up - Area's to Consider The search appearance pop up windows discusses the elements of Google search results. These elements make up the entire search engine result page of Google and properly optimizing each and every element discussed in the pop u…

Google Keyword Tool Updates to Keyword Planner

Google will soon close the Keyword Tool and update it to Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner tool will help you plan your next search campaign. The new interface displays the keyword ideas as ad groups. For example, a search for "Seo" gives us some ad group ideas as given below:-

The new interface looks great and allows you to divide your keywords into ad groups that displays the individual keywords included in the group, the average monthly searches, the competition and the average CPC. This tool is specially designed for Adwords help but search engine optimizers can still use it as a great resource to find keywords related to niche businesses.

You may also upload your own keywords and multiply the keyword lists to get even better ideas. Have a look at the screenshot shared below:-

 I would advise all of you to switch over to the new tool because the sooner you switch, the sooner you would be able to adapt to its interface and grab the essentials of finding the most profi…

How to Make Your Seo Campaign Stand Unique?

Whenever we talk about seo, we are reminded of building backlinks to our website using old school techniques like article syndication, directory submission, forum posting, social blogging, social bookmarking etc. But, the most important part which we all forget is the uniqueness in your SEO campaign! From where can we get that uniqueness that makes our targeted website stand apart in the search results?
Do Unique SEO and Defeat Your Competitors!
Gaining good rankings, getting targeted traffic, increasing the rate of successful conversions are all included in a SEO’s work strategy. But, getting positive results on all these fronts requires extra effort. This extra effort should be in terms of creativity and uniqueness. I will discuss some of the ways you can make your seo campaign stand unique and gain the best results on areas that are most required.

Plan out a Separate Strategy for Every Website
A separate strategy should be planned for every website. You cannot go and perform a fixed…

Where to Link to the Original Source in the Article?

If you are wondering where to link to the original source in an article then do so at the beginning of the article instead of pointing it at the bottom. This is although the personal opinion of Matt Cutts. In true sense, it does not really matters if you point to the original source at the beginning of the article or at the bottom. The Page Rank would be passed in both the cases. But yes, linking to the source at the beginning is always better from user point of view.

Have a look at this video where Matt answers the question -

"If I write about another article, where should I link to the original source?" asked by Nayan Seth of India.

Link to Your Sources and Make Web a Better Place

Matt has also asked webmasters to give credit to original sources wherever necessary. This helps to pass the due credit and authority to the original creators.

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Top Tips to Create Great Content for Your Website - Infographic

Content is one of the most important factors for ranking high on the search engines. The infographic shared below discusses top 10 tips to create great content for your website.

1- Keep your content clear and easy to understand.
2- Don't leave the FAQ section and answer it in depth.
3- Include "How To's" in your site as per the niche of your business. How to's are one of the most popular content on the internet.
4- Use images and video to make the content more user friendly.
5- Present well written, unique and user friendly content for your audience.
6- Create some "Best Lists" as these receive the maximum number of social shares.
7- Post fresh and newsworthy content related to your industry.
8- Shift your content with the seasons.
9- Plan out some case studies.
10- Leave options for reviews and comments to make the content more interactive.

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