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How to Tag a Site in Google Webmasters to Comply With COPPA's Requirements?

If you are a webmaster of a site that deals with children under 13 years of age and collect information from them then it becomes necessary for you to tag your website in Google webmasters tools in order to comply with COPPA's requirements.

What is COPPA?

COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. It provides parental control over websites regarding the information they can collect from the kids. Violation of this rule can result in civil penalties.
The full PDF mentioning the various guidelines can be found here:-

Father and Kid sitting in front of a computer
Protecting a child's online privacy (Image credit:-

Tagging a Website in Google Webmasters for Child Directed Treatment

To tag a website or service for treatment as child directed, first verify your site under Google Webmasters and then visit the url given below:-

Select the site you want to tag as child directed and check the checkbox. Now, click on "Tag Child Directed" and you are done.

Please Note:-

It may take some time for this action to come into effect so wait until it becomes active and counted by Google.

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