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Parameterless Searches - Soon to Become a Reality?

Soon you will be able to search just with the shake of the mobile. This is known as "Parameterless Searches" that would allow you to get instant information without entering any query on Google. The magic will happen just with the shake of your mobile and information will be delivered instantly. These type of searches will use data collected from time, date, emails, geographic location, travel speed, habitual activity etc. So, get ready for parameterless search queries.

Here is the Claim -

How Relevant Will be the Results?

Every result provided by Google would be customized to each and every individual. This customization would be based on the current context of the mobile computing device of the user.

How Will it Work?

Parameterless searches will work based on several factors as given below:-

Geographical location of the user
Speed of travel
Device activity (Data can be collected from it)
Weather conditions
Time and date

In short, it works by establishing a connection between three different servers - the data server (back end server that stores the information to be presented), the application server (consists of middleware) and the front end server (the mobile or digital computing device).


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Full Patent information can be viewed here:- 

Providing results to parameterless search queries 

Inventors:Agarwal; Sumit (Washington, DC), Gundotra; Vic (Los Gatos, CA), Nicolaou; Alex (Waterloo, CA)

Agarwal; Sumit
Gundotra; Vic
Nicolaou; Alex

Los Gatos


Assignee:Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA) 
Appl. No.:12/871,562
Filed:August 30, 2010

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