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Secret Behind the Power of Google Plus Ones Revealed!

If you are thinking that having lots of Google Plus ones for your website may provide an additional weightage to increase the chances of ranking higher on Google search results then this story has a small twist! The factor that lies behind the real power of Google Plus ones is the Agent Rank.

The Secret - Agent Rank

A separate score is provided by Google to all the authors based on their social reputation that is known as the Agent Rank or Author Rank. If a high score agent provides a plus one to your shared web pages then that is counted as a high vote of trust than getting a plus one from an agent with a low score. This is the secret behind the power of Google Plus ones. (Read more about Agent Rank - Author Rank is the new Page Rank)

So, if you are planning a strategy to increase the number of plus ones without focussing on the agent rank, then it's time to revise your strategy. You must try and get lots of plus ones from reputed authors who are having a high score. This will increase your site's chances of receiving much popularity within a shorter period of time.

Proper Strategy for Getting Plus Ones to your Site

A customized strategy should be planned for each and every website for which you are planning to increase the number of plus ones. Some guidelines are mentioned below:-

1- Create a Google Plus business page and share compelling content in it on a regular basis.
2- Prepare a list of verticals related to your main site and plan strategy to receive plus ones from them.
3- Prepare a list of reputed persons related to your industry and plan separate strategies to receive plus ones from them.
4- Connect your social media profiles together and share stuff that can induce plus ones.
5- Make it easy for your audience to vote up by installing plus one buttons on your site.
6- Participate in local events and get people to vote up your site.
7- Make sure that you get plus ones from genuine people who are related to your industry.

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