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Text Surrounding Hyperlink (Web Quotes) May be Used as Meta Descriptions by Google

In yet another patent granted to Google earlier this week, the text surrounding hyperlink (Web Quotes) may be used by Google as meta descriptions and returned to the user in response to the search query.

If Google proceeds by the technique mentioned in this patent then it may use text from paragraphs that contains the hypertext links or text from the header based on the quality of text present on these areas. The descriptive text present in these areas, accurately summarizes the linked web page and may help Google in finding the best web document description to be stored in their index and at times return to the user as document snippets.

Here is a background of the invention:-

When the search engines indexes the target web page (the linked web page), the descriptive text of the first web page may be used to create a comprehensive document index. In this way, it is possible for the search engines to get a more accurate description of each links present in their index.

Optimize the Text Surrounding the Hyperlinks (Web Quotes)

The next step for the search engine optimizers is to optimize the web quotes present in the various web documents including the headings and other important areas of the page. You never know, when Google starts using it in order to present it as a search snippet before the user. This new form of meta description may hit the search results either sooner or later, but we need to prepare ourselves for it.

Full Patent information can be viewed here:-

Inventors:Dean; Jeffrey A. (Menlo Park, CA), Farach-Colton; Martin (New York, NY), Ghemawat; Sanjay (Mountain View, CA), Gomes; Benedict (Mountain View, CA), Hank; Georges R.(Mountain View, CA)

Dean; Jeffrey A.
Farach-Colton; Martin
Ghemawat; Sanjay
Gomes; Benedict
Hank; Georges R.

Menlo Park
New York
Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View


Assignee:Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA) 
Appl. No.:10/386,110
Filed:March 12, 2003

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