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Top Tips to Create Great Content for Your Website - Infographic

Content is one of the most important factors for ranking high on the search engines. The infographic shared below discusses top 10 tips to create great content for your website.

1- Keep your content clear and easy to understand.
2- Don't leave the FAQ section and answer it in depth.
3- Include "How To's" in your site as per the niche of your business. How to's are one of the most popular content on the internet.
4- Use images and video to make the content more user friendly.
5- Present well written, unique and user friendly content for your audience.
6- Create some "Best Lists" as these receive the maximum number of social shares.
7- Post fresh and newsworthy content related to your industry.
8- Shift your content with the seasons.
9- Plan out some case studies.
10- Leave options for reviews and comments to make the content more interactive.

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