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How to SEO for YouTube? Easy Yet Powerful Tips!

YouTube seo is surely needed for every business as being one of the most visited sites on the internet, YouTube gives the businesses ample opportunity to reach targeted masses that can lead to brand recognition, brand popularity, leads and lots of referral traffic. YouTube is a popular video sharing website where you can upload and share your favourite videos for free. You just need a Gmail account to do that. With more than 1 billion unique visitors visiting this immensely popular video sharing site, it is important to market your services by owning a channel and promoting videos.

The Steps for Marketing Your Videos on YouTube Using Powerful SEO TipsStep 1

Keyword Research

Same as we begin doing seo for any website, we will start with keyword research. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find keywords that are closely related to the contents of your video, keeping in mind the global/local searches the keyword receives. Along with this, make sure to include keywords that are …

Google Finally Replaces Keyword Tool with Keyword Planner

Google has finally replaced its traditional and immensely popular keyword tool with the new keyword planner tool. Google says it has combined the power of keyword tool along with traffic estimator in this new tool. Now, if you want to engage in keyword research activities, then you need to sign in to your Adwords account.

Some Important Changes
1- You will get to see only exact match statistics.
2- You cannot target specific mobile devices with this tool.
3- No global and local monthly search volume columns. Instead you will see only average monthly searches.
4- No local search trends. You can see the average monthly searches segmented by month when you download historical stats.
5- The columns 'search share' and 'extracted from webpage' has retired.

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Link Neighbourhood - Is Your Site Having a Good Link Profile?

The web is the home for hundreds of thousands of sites and almost all of them link to other websites making this bond of links a global web phenomenon. It is due to this massive interlinking of sites that Google takes into consideration the backlink profile of your website while examining the relevancy and popularity with respect to any search query. It is only after thorough analysis of backlinks, does Google ranks it in the search engine result page. The more solid link profile, the better is your site image and eventually your site qualifies for better search engine visibility.

Link Neighbourhood Determines the Value of Your Site
Link neighbourhood is an important aspect that determines the value of your site. Link neighbourhood has two main components:-

Sites that link to you

These are all those sites that provides a link back to your site in the form of text, image etc.

Sites that you link to

These are all those sites to which you are linking to from your own web property.

A repute…

Marissa Mayer Helps Yahoo Defeat Google in Traffic

Marissa Mayer led Yahoo has succeeded in defeating Google for the first time after 2 years. As per the latest ratings released by comScore, Yahoo received around 196.6 million visitors as compared to Google's 192.3 million. This is a big achievement for Yahoo as it was able to defeat Google in terms of user traffic after a long gap of two years.

The top US web properties report was published by comScore on August 21, 2013. Microsoft was at the third place while Facebook was at the fourth position. The fifth place was occupied by AOL. Twitter was at the 30th position while Pinterest made it to top 50 by staying at the 49th position.

The top 10 web properties are listed below:-

SOURCE:- Top 50 web properties US July 2013

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Facebook Open Graph Protocol Guide

Facebook Open Graph protocol is a set of rules and markup that enables Facebook to recognize the content in the web page. Any web page that has Facebook Open Graph protocol embedded on it gets recognized by Facebook as objects and receives the same treatment and functionality as any other object on Facebook. The web pages must add the basic meta data in order to get recognized as objects.

Four Required Properties of Facebook Open Graph Protocol
You will have to add the following four properties of basic meta data in order to turn your web pages into graph objects.

(Add in the head of the page)

og:title - This specifies the title of your object. This is mainly the title of the web page itself.

Example:- <meta property="og:title" content="The Rock" />

og:type - The specifies the object type like video.

Example:- <meta property="og:type" content="" />

og:image - This specifies the image url that will represent the object.


Creating Goals in Google Analytics - Step by Step Guide

In order to track the success of your business advertising campaign through any channels of marketing, it is important to track specific goals and measure the different actions. Goals in its simplest sense lets you measure those important actions.

Steps to Setting Up a Goal in Google Analytics
Step 1

Log in to your analytics account and click on the website for which you want to track the goals.

Step 2

Now click on Admin. Then, click on goals located under the profile section.

Step 3

Now, click on "Create a Goal". We come to the three step process of creating goals namely goal set up, goal description and goal details.

Step 4

Select a goal template with pre filled configuration. You have 5 choices, namely, Revenue, Acquisition, Inquiry, Engagement and Custom settings.

Step 5

Now choose the goal description. You have 4 types of goals to choose, namely, Destination, Duration, Pages/Screen per visit and Event. These 4 types are explained below:-

Destination - Choose destination when …

Best Way to Earn a Backlink - Let the Press Cover You!

People often ask the question, which is the best way to earn a backlink? I always say, getting media and press involved and letting them cover your business is the best way to earn a backlink. Some of the  trusted sites on the web still remains media and PR. If your business gets covered by a well known media  then many smaller media professionals will cover and republish that news earning many backlinks. 

Now, another big question arises as to "Why will they cover you?". That's right, it is not easy to get yourself covered unless your business produces products and services that are worth covering. But, wait, every one has a chance to solidify their link building process using media coverage. If you are a local business, try and get the local media to cover you. The local bloggers often search for local news in order to write and publish stories in their blog and if your site gets covered in the local news, you have every chance of earning a backlink from local niche blogg…

Matt Suggests rel="nofollow" Links for Widgets and Infographics

Another abuse of excessive black hat link building has been taken over by Google. Matt Cutts has pointed out that Google does not counts links with anchor text abuse. Links that are editorially provided in the blog post are of much value than links from widgets and infographics that are not editorially provided. In most of the cases, the webmasters don't even know that a link has been put into an embeddable widget with keyword rich anchor text causing link abuse.

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Co-occurrence Frequencies - How Google May Identify Substitute Terms of a Query Term?

Google may use query revision engines in order to revise search queries and include substitute terms of the main query term. This is done in order to identify particular web documents that are responsive to the main query. The query revision engine consists of query revisers that picks the candidate substitute terms that are put into comparison program in order to find out co-occurrence frequencies that gets the final substitute term.

Google has been granted a patent that describes in detail about the process of finding out substitute queries and helping the users get exactly what they are looking for? This is not the same as "finding out synonyms", but instead, substitute terms match the main query word after determining its context using various methods.

The Process of Finding Out Substitute Queries
Step 1 - The search query enters the query revision engine.
Step 2 - The query revisers finds out the candidate substitute terms according to various criteria.
Step 3 - A subst…

How to Stop User Generated Spam on Your Site?

Webmasters can get really frustrated by the increasing amount of user generated spam. There are several key methods that can help in stopping user generated spam in your site helping it to get recognized by Google as a spam free site; thereby increase the chances of getting better ranked in Google.

Enable Comment Moderation
Comments are a great way to increase effective conversation and build loyal followers. But, in order to stop spammy agents from commenting in your valued site, it is necessary to enable comment moderation. Additionally you may also stop the user from adding hyperlinks in the comments by changing the configuration and removing HTML from it.

Use Captcha
Captcha is a great way to restrict bot spam. Consider using Google's free reCAPTCHA's service.

Use rel=nofollow tag
In order to save your site from the negative action taken by Google, use rel=nofollow tag which stops the hyperlink from getting the precious link juice that is used to calculate PageRank.

Use robots…

Local SEO - Content Optimization for Local Page (Infographic)

Local seo industry is growing big and as more and more local business owners compete with each other for first page rankings in Google, local seo content optimization becomes necessary. This excellent infographic created by smallbuisnesscoach explains the basics of creating a perfectly optimized local page.

Have an optimized title tag
Have an optimized meta description
Include authorship
Include schema markup
Include proper H1 tags
Have optimized content with respect to your locally targeted keywords

Have a look at this infographic: -

(Embedded from Small Business Online Coach)

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Check Whether Your Site is Manually Penalized with Google Manual Action Viewer

Google has added a new feature under Webmasters tools that will enable the site owners to check whether their website has been manually penalized by Google or not. This new feature is named "Manual Action Viewer" and can be found under "Search Traffic" tab in Google Webmasters.

After logging into your webmasters tools and clicking on Manual action, you may find any of the following messages notifying you about the manual spam action being taken on your site. These messages may be displayed under two sections namely "Site Wide Matches" and "Partial Matches". Site wide matches means that the manual action has been applied on the entire site and partial matches means that the actions have been applied on specific sections or URL's.

Unnatural links to your site - impact links
Reason - Google has detected a pattern of unnatural links pointing to your site.

Action to be taken - If possible remove the unnatural links and submit reconsideration reques…

Google Adds New Set of Search Results Labelled "In-depth articles"

Google has added a new set of search results on broader topics labelled as "In-depth articles". This was announced recently by Pandu Naik, member of technical staff, Google. The results returned under in-depth articles will contain "high quality content", as per the guidelines specified by Google. This will be a great sign for search engine optimizers in order to discover and compare the quality of content that Google is treating as the best. Some sites that are known to provide quality content and have already made it into this new set of search results are "Wall Street Journal", "New York Times", "Guardian" etc.

The sites that will appear under this new label will be selected by an algorithm. The algorithm will detect which site's content is of high quality with respect to a broader topic and will return the top picked results under the "In-depth articles" label. For a majority of results, this will cover news sites and…

Search Engine History Timeline

Let's move a little back into history and know more about the earlier search engines that existed before Google. This search engine history timeline will enable you to get a good grasp over the old and new search engine technologies.

1963 - Ted Nelson coined the terms "hypertext" and "hypermedia" and launched the first hypertext project "Project Xanadu".

1994-1995- Gerald Salton is regarded as the "Father of Modern Search Technology". He published various publications related to machine readable texts, theory of indexing, automatic text decomposition, automatic query expansion etc.

1994 - Web Crawler was launched. It was created by Brian Pinkerton. It was the first search engine to provide full text search. Currently it is working as a meta search engine and is owned by Blucora/Infospace.

- Yahoo was launched by Jerry Yang and David Filo. It stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

Lycos was launched by Bob Davis. It provid…

Mobile SEO Checklist - Get Your Site Ready for Mobile Audience

Mobile phones are growing at a tremendous rate and searches made on Smartphones may soon overtake the searches made on desktops. Getting your website ready for mobile is one of the best steps you can take for your business. Seo for mobile has become extremely important as all the leads and promotion that you did focussing on the desktop and laptop behavior of the user should now be focussed on the mobile behaviour of the audience. Here is mobile seo checklist to make optimizing your website for mobile even more easier.

Mobile SEO Checklist for Newbies and Advanced
Create a separate version of mobile site with an easy to remember location.Detect mobile users automatically and redirect them to the mobile friendly version.Make your site light so that it opens up easily.Use more text and preferably no images.Have a mobile sitemap and submit it under Google Webmasters.Make sure to deliver local results instantly. People want instant answers.Prepare a list of mobile related keywords and opti…

Hot Wording "Okay Google" - Now Search Google by Voice and Get Instant Answers!

Something big and amazing is waiting to get launched. Time is not far away when you will be able to ask Google direct questions and it will respond to all your queries by providing audio answers instantly. This is known as "Voice Search" or "Hot Wording" and guys at Google (especially Amit Singhal) have come closer to make the Star trek computer a reality.

Google Hot Wording
Guys at Google call this audio search experience as "Hot Wording" where you may put up direct questions to Google using your Chrome browser in a similar manner as you are talking to a real person. As for example, you might want to know about the popular attractions in New York City, then you will provide a voice command to Google (instead of typing in the traditional search query) by saying "Okay Google, Show me the popular attractions in New York City". This voice query will work as an input string for Google and it will return a list of popular places in New York along wit…

Google May Use The Conjoiner Engine to Merge Local Results and Universal Results Together

While presenting the search results before the user, Google may use the conjoiner engine in order to diversify and merge the local and universal search results together. The local search results are returned by local search engine and the universal search results are returned by universal search engine (for web results). Both these engine use separate functions to determine the relevancy and authority of web pages present in their index. A third engine known as the "Conjoiner Engine" merges the results returned by both the local and universal engines and presents them before the user using a different function. Before presenting the final results, a re-ranker engine orders the results as per the authority of the respective web pages.

A patent granted to Google in March 2013 gives a brief explanation about how Google uses the conjoiner and re-ranker engine in order to diversify the search results presented before the user.

Here is a summary of the patent:-

Full Patent informa…

New Sitelink Testing for Google

Google is in the process of returning a new form of sitelinks to the users. This new sitelink has two parts. The first part with a white background displays the main sitelinks and clicking on the main sitelinks will open the second part with a grey background area that will show the sub sitelinks under the main link.

The original story has been published by Barry Schwartz at Seroundtable.

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SEO RESUME (CV) - How to Create a Professional SEO Resume?

The seo industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. In this fast and competitive world, getting a good job in the internet marketing industry is a challenge in itself. Having a professional seo resume will not only help in increasing the chances of getting the applied job but will also help in furthering your future growth prospects. Here is a step by step tutorial on how can you create a professional seo resume all by yourself:-

SEO RESUME Creation Steps

Provide an objective of what you are planning ahead in this industry. This should match your personal as well as professional preferences. Having an objective in your life helps in making the interviewer get an idea about your thoughts and how you see this industry from your personal point of view.


Provide your personal statistics like your marital status, your date of birth, your nationality etc.


Provide a summary of your educational qualification.


Provide a summary of your work experience men…