Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best Way to Earn a Backlink - Let the Press Cover You!

People often ask the question, which is the best way to earn a backlink? I always say, getting media and press involved and letting them cover your business is the best way to earn a backlink. Some of the 
trusted sites on the web still remains media and PR. If your business gets covered by a well known media 
then many smaller media professionals will cover and republish that news earning many backlinks. 

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Now, another big question arises as to "Why will they cover you?". That's right, it is not easy to get yourself covered unless your business produces products and services that are worth covering. But, wait, every one has a chance to solidify their link building process using media coverage. If you are a local business, try and get the local media to cover you. The local bloggers often search for local news in order to write and publish stories in their blog and if your site gets covered in the local news, you have every chance of earning a backlink from local niche bloggers.

You do not have to worry about no follow and do follow. Getting any sort of link or even a mention can help. So, don't leave any stones unturned and always remain on the hunt to find notable people ready to 
feature yourself in their story. But, here I must share a piece of advice and that is, never pay anyone to get your story covered; instead earn it. Consult expert link builders and they will advice some solid link building strategy which covers this form of link building.

The point to note here is, to always remain on the headlines in some way or the other. Even controversies can help so no worries in using it to gain advantage over your competitors. But the most important of all is to focus on the users and let the media cover you organically ;)

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