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Hot Wording "Okay Google" - Now Search Google by Voice and Get Instant Answers!

Something big and amazing is waiting to get launched. Time is not far away when you will be able to ask Google direct questions and it will respond to all your queries by providing audio answers instantly. This is known as "Voice Search" or "Hot Wording" and guys at Google (especially Amit Singhal) have come closer to make the Star trek computer a reality.

Google Hot Wording

Guys at Google call this audio search experience as "Hot Wording" where you may put up direct questions to Google using your Chrome browser in a similar manner as you are talking to a real person. As for example, you might want to know about the popular attractions in New York City, then you will provide a voice command to Google (instead of typing in the traditional search query) by saying "Okay Google, Show me the popular attractions in New York City". This voice query will work as an input string for Google and it will return a list of popular places in New York along with an audio reply saying " Here are popular places in New York City".  Now, you might want to see some pictures of "Central Park" then you need to provide another voice command by saying "Okay Google show me some pictures of Central Park". Similarly, you may ask various questions like "How far is it from here?" (Note the words "it" and "here". Google knows that "it" has been used in context for Central Park" and here has been used for "current location".) Isn't it amazing? Have a look at this video where Google VP, Johanna Wright gives a demo of Hot Wording.

Google Hot Wording uses natural language search technology and the information returned uses Knowledge Graph as it is a collection of interrelated real world entities. The Knowledge Graph helps the search engine giant to fetch accurate and relevant information after understanding the real context of the query. The function works on Chrome Browser and Chrome OS.

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