Friday, August 30, 2013

How to SEO for YouTube? Easy Yet Powerful Tips!

YouTube seo is surely needed for every business as being one of the most visited sites on the internet, YouTube gives the businesses ample opportunity to reach targeted masses that can lead to brand recognition, brand popularity, leads and lots of referral traffic. YouTube is a popular video sharing website where you can upload and share your favourite videos for free. You just need a Gmail account to do that. With more than 1 billion unique visitors visiting this immensely popular video sharing site, it is important to market your services by owning a channel and promoting videos.

Essentials of youtube seo

The Steps for Marketing Your Videos on YouTube Using Powerful SEO Tips

Step 1

Keyword Research

Same as we begin doing seo for any website, we will start with keyword research. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find keywords that are closely related to the contents of your video, keeping in mind the global/local searches the keyword receives. Along with this, make sure to include keywords that are often closely associated with your brand or are locally relevant.

Step 2

Choosing Keyword Friendly File Name

Use a keyword rich file name while naming your video. Suppose you are uploading a video related to famous dancers of hollywood then the file name should be "famous dancers of hollywood".

Step 3

Title and Description

Add relevant and keyword friendly title and description tags. Include an URL back to your main website from the description area. This will help in sending referral traffic to the site.

Step 4

Adding Keywords (Tags)

In the tags area, fill in 7-8 highly relevant keywords which you think will match the search criteria of the user. Include your main keywords and brand related terms in this area. Make sure to include only those terms that are highly relevant with your video.

Step 5

Uploading Scripts and Optimizing Closed Captions 

You must include scripts and transcriptions in order to make the search engines identify the contents of the video. YouTube does a tremendous job in identifying closed captions from the uploaded script itself, so you need to turn on the closed caption area. This will help in proper optimization of your YouTube video and help the alogrithms to closely associate your video content with keywords, sending traffic.

Step 6

Increasing Viewer Engagement

After you have successfully uploaded your video, keeping in mind the above optimization techniques; it's time to increase the number of views. You should share the video on all of your social media networks and embed it across your blogs in order to increase the hits. The more views, the better visibility your shared video will receive.

Step 7

Promoting Your Video in the First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours after the video upload is extremely crucial. Try and achieve maximum hits within this time period as it will decide the visibility of your video across the YouTube platform based on the relevancy.

Step 8

Allowing Users to Add Comments (But closely moderating them)

Enable the comment section of your video and keep on moderating them. Clear, relevant and productive comments will increase the score of your video.

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