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How to Stop User Generated Spam on Your Site?

Webmasters can get really frustrated by the increasing amount of user generated spam. There are several key methods that can help in stopping user generated spam in your site helping it to get recognized by Google as a spam free site; thereby increase the chances of getting better ranked in Google.

Enable Comment Moderation

Comments are a great way to increase effective conversation and build loyal followers. But, in order to stop spammy agents from commenting in your valued site, it is necessary to enable comment moderation. Additionally you may also stop the user from adding hyperlinks in the comments by changing the configuration and removing HTML from it.

Use Captcha

Captcha is a great way to restrict bot spam. Consider using Google's free reCAPTCHA's service.

Use rel=nofollow tag

In order to save your site from the negative action taken by Google, use rel=nofollow tag which stops the hyperlink from getting the precious link juice that is used to calculate PageRank.

Use robots.txt

Another way is to use robots.txt and disallow the folder containing the spam from getting accessed by the search engine bots.


user agent: *
Disallow: /comments/

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