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Link Neighbourhood - Is Your Site Having a Good Link Profile?

The web is the home for hundreds of thousands of sites and almost all of them link to other websites making this bond of links a global web phenomenon. It is due to this massive interlinking of sites that Google takes into consideration the backlink profile of your website while examining the relevancy and popularity with respect to any search query. It is only after thorough analysis of backlinks, does Google ranks it in the search engine result page. The more solid link profile, the better is your site image and eventually your site qualifies for better search engine visibility.

Link Neighbourhood Determines the Value of Your Site

Link neighbourhood is an important aspect that determines the value of your site. Link neighbourhood has two main components:-

Sites that link to you

These are all those sites that provides a link back to your site in the form of text, image etc.

Sites that you link to

These are all those sites to which you are linking to from your own web property.

link neighbourhood
Make good link neighbours (Image credit:-

A reputed and high authority site must receive link from authority sites and link back to authority sites. This is a metric that determines your link neighbourhood and helps to judge the overall quality of the website.

Consider the example of Wikipedia. It has a diversified link profile where thousands of sites use it as a reference site eventually linking it back as the main source. In the same scenario, there are hundreds of thousands of sites to which Wikipedia provides a link back (we must note here that all the links are no follow). Each and every link present on Wikipedia is verified by an editor which helps to keep this site in good neighbourhood.

SEO Value of a Good Link Neighbourhood

A good link neighbourhood is highly rewarded by Google and other search engines. If your link company rests in spam then it is more likely that search engines will consider your site as spam too and devalue your site authority without which the site performance in terms of getting organic traffic to the site declines.

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