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Mobile SEO Checklist - Get Your Site Ready for Mobile Audience

Mobile phones are growing at a tremendous rate and searches made on Smartphones may soon overtake the searches made on desktops. Getting your website ready for mobile is one of the best steps you can take for your business. Seo for mobile has become extremely important as all the leads and promotion that you did focussing on the desktop and laptop behavior of the user should now be focussed on the mobile behaviour of the audience. Here is mobile seo checklist to make optimizing your website for mobile even more easier.

Mobile SEO Checklist for Newbies and Advanced

Checklist for Mobile Seo (Image credit

  • Create a separate version of mobile site with an easy to remember location.
  • Detect mobile users automatically and redirect them to the mobile friendly version.
  • Make your site light so that it opens up easily.
  • Use more text and preferably no images.
  • Have a mobile sitemap and submit it under Google Webmasters.
  • Make sure to deliver local results instantly. People want instant answers.
  • Prepare a list of mobile related keywords and optimize them w.r.t. your site.
  • Make it easier for the user to navigate.
  • Make sure to follow the rules of responsive web design.
  • Prepare appropriate robots.txt for making secret content non indexable.
  • Have relevant and descriptive on page titles, descriptions and H1 tags.

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