Sunday, September 1, 2013

User Permissions in Google Analytics

With the latest updates in the user settings and access controls, there are 4 different kinds of user permissions that you can set for specific users in Google Analytics.

To set user permissions, click on the Admin tab located in the upper right hand corner and then click on User Management as displayed in the image below:-

Users in GA can have any one or all of the below mentioned permissions. In other words, these can be used individually or in combination.

The 4 Different Permissions of GA 

Manage Users- Allows to add/remove and set permissions. Does not includes edit or collaborate, means you may or may not set permissions for edit/collaborate along with manager users.

Edit - Allows to perform all types of editing functions in reporting. Includes collaborate, means collaborate is included with edit option by default.

set user permissions in GA
User Permissions in GA
Collaborate - Allows to create personal assets and share them. Read and analyze is included with this permission by default.

Read and Analyze - Allows to read and manipulate already available data. It can be used as a single permission.

Of all of these 4 permissions, only Manager Users and Read and Analyze can be set as an individual permission.

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