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Are You Following the 4th Basic Principle of Google's Quality Guidelines?

For anyone in the world looking to explore the internet space as a marketing channel, getting visibility on Google is the first essential. With over 67% total market share, Google continues to be the dominant search engine of this world. There are two ways through which you can make your brand do well in Google. First, is by making use of organic search results which requires your site to compete with the Google's ranking algorithm (that covers over 200 factors and has tweaks almost on a daily basis) and second is by paying money to Google and getting listed without worrying too much about your site's popularity and backlinks.
But, both these inclusions requires your site to follow certain guidelines and principles in order to do well in the search results either organically or inorganically. For a majority of reasons, making use of search engine optimization and listing your site organically is a tougher task than just paying for your listing on Google.

Webmaster guidelines for quality results in seo
Follow webmasters guidelines for quality result (Image credit:- alseoblog)

To make SEO work well for your site, it is required that you follow the Google's Webmaster guidelines to every point. There are 4 basic principles that Google lists in its Quality guidelines and those are:-

"1- Make pages primarily for the users and not the search engines.

2- Don't deceive your users.

3- Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings.

4- Think what makes your website unique, valuable and engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.    "

(Retrieved from

Out of these 4 basic quality guidelines, most of the webmasters and inbound marketers follow the first 3 by heart but forget to follow the 4th one i.e. to make your website unique from your competitors.

One of the best ways you can achieve good visibility on Google is by making your site stand apart from your competitors. There are various ways through which you can achieve this. The best ones are given below:-

How to Make Your Site Unique, Valuable and Engaging?

Step 1- Add Brand Value to Your Site 

(Branding Makes Your Site Unique)

Google loves brands because brands are unique entities and can be easily recognized from a cluster of pages. If your site is having a lot of brand value of its own then trust rank and domain authority automatically flows in. Brands receives natural links and they do not need to worry about their presence on Google. Also, most of the filters and spam algorithms like Panda and Penguin do not affect the brands as much as they affect the smaller sites which have not portrayed itself as a brand. So, following the brand approach and optimizing your site in a similar manner as building your brand adds a lot of stability to your rankings and makes your site unique. (Please read :- Why Brand Matters in SEO? )

Compelling brand values evaluation criteria
Compelling Brand Value Evaluation Criteria (Image credit:- Tempkin Group)

Step 2- Gain Customer Trust and Loyalty by Serving Your Customers Well

(Serve your users and provide them exactly what they want, your site must be valuable for them)

Forget about the search engine rankings and start serving your customers. I have always said in the past that if your customers are happy and visit your site often then Google would be forced to pay attention to your site. Gaining the loyalty and trust of your customers is what makes your brand valuable. Some of the best metrics to judge this are direct traffic to your site, bounce rate, brand citations received per week, social media shares etc.

Customer satisfaction measure criteria
Gaining customer satisfaction (Image credit:- b2binternational)

Step 3- Interact With The Users- Gain Feedbacks, Add Testimonies, Receive Comments...

(Let users comment on your site, add proper testimonies, take help of rich snippets, remain active on social media as all these activities helps to keep your brand remain engaged with your desired audience)

The third step is to allow your valuable customers remain engaged with your brand. Some of the best ways you can do so are given below:-

5 Golden Rules of Keeping Your Audience Engaged

1- Add a section of receiving comments and feedbacks from your customers. Implement changes on your services based on the received feedbacks.

tweets and brand name
Mentioning your brand name across all your social channels is important (Image credit:- vidIQ)
2- Make use of rich snippets and let the users rate what's the best for them.

3- Take the help of ORM (Online Reputation Management) services to find out the negative comments that users may have added on discussion forums and hire a dedicated team to resolve those issues on priority.
This way you can win trust of your customers and they will surely reward you well for this.

4- Keep your brand active across all the important social channels and interact with your audience. Following a humble and serving approach is important. Always remember "your first motto is to serve your customers not to dominate them."Also, add social sharing buttons and widgets across your site to initiate easy interactions and sharing.

5- Let the press cover your brand, remain in the news by sponsoring some events and improving the quality of services. 

Concentrate more on the 4th basic principle of optimizing your site and see the results yourself.

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